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Crime and personality disorders

Watch a TV show episode involving crime and personality disorders. Examples of shows include criminal minds, CSI, Law and Order, or something similar.
Write a 1,400 to 1 ,750 word analysis of the episode. Include the following:

Summarize the episode you watched.

Outline the personality disorders that were present.

Describe the symptoms of the personality disorders.

Describe possible treatment interventions for the criminal displayed in the show.

Describe possible difficulties that may be faced during treatment.

Address challenges the offender or offenders in the show might reentering society after their incarceration.

Suggest steps that could be taken to reduce recidivism for the offender or offenders.

Sample Solution

to the investigation of (Mendoza et al., 2016) Socioeconomic status assumes significant part in schooling. Not having monetary assets brought ramifications for the understudies. In investigation of (Villamor n.d) she decided the impacts of financial elements (SES) and the degree of self-viability corresponding to the scholarly exhibition of secondary school understudies. Her discoveries figure out that there was a critical connection between's the respondents' SES in view of yearly family pay and their scholarly presentation. Her decision expressed that the grade 7 understudies' financial status in light of yearly family pay was an indicator of their scholastic presentation. Moreover, her discoveries support the thought that neediness is relative, and that its presence or nonattendance doesn't matter to understudies' scholastic exhibition. (Jabar et al., 2020) They concentrate because of financial status on parental association among Filipino guardians. Their study offers four significant discoveries. Most importantly, the guardians by and large are more connected with parental association at home than in school. Second, guardians in higher pay showed parental affiliation both at home and in school. In any case, an alternate picture seemed while thinking about the subject evaluation of guardians about their everyday environment. Those families who trusted themselves to be very poor showed parental contribution at home and in school than the people who saw themselves to be in an ideal situation monetarily. Third, parental contribution in school was respectably higher among CCT (4ps) part guardians than their non CCT (4ps) partners. Fourth, relapse examination recognizes participation in CCT (4ps) as an indicator of parental contribution. Their review presumes that monetary assets from work or the CCT program could work with parental association in youngsters' schooling, especially among guardians from somewhat top level salary family and low-pay families. Their paper recommends that more exploration be finished into the impacts of pay difference on parental association among low-pay guardians. (Agullana et al., 2017) Examined the connection between senior secondary school understudies' scholarly presentation and their financial elements in candon public secondary school. Finding of their review expressed that family pay, ethnic clan, guardians' instructive fulfillment, religion, home, and family size have huge relationship with senior secondary school execution notwithstanding, each variable has different anticipating esteem. In the mean time guardians' schooling don't correspond by any stretch of the imagination. Finish of their review expressed that the understudy's folks' occupation don't have importance as long as their occupation give them the enough monetary in

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