Project description

(Compilation of Modules 1-8)

Directions: This course project will include a written component for each module from CRJ 110: Introduction to Criminology. Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behaviors based on theory. Your textbook defines a theory as a series of interrelated propositions that attempts to describe, explain, predict, and ultimately control some class of events. A theory gains explanatory power from inherent logical consistency and is tested by how well it describes and predicts reality. To assist you with this project, the textbook defines theories throughout. The theories associated with criminology can be applied to the crimes we see committed in the news each week. Thus, this course project will involve locating two crimes (one in your local or nearly surrounding communities and one national) and applying the crimes you locate to one of the theories learned in this course.

For example: Situational Choice Theory could be related to a crime of robbing a person because this type of crime often depends on the situation involved, such as a victim being in the right place at the right time and other factors that lends to the ability to commit the crime, including location, time of day, environmental factors, and the victim being alone and in possession of items the offender desires.

Requirements: For each module, locate a local and national crime, describe the details and source of the crime (also be sure to keep a reference page with all the sources used throughout the course project). Identify an appropriate theory learned during this course, describe the theory, and then explain how the theory relates to the crime chosen. Thus, each part should require at least one paragraph as follows:

1.Chosen description and details of the crime
2.Chosen Theory, including definition and founder
3.Explanation of how the chosen theory relates to the chosen crime.

Repeat this process for each crime one local and one national for a total of a minimum of six paragraphs per Module. Sources of crimes include newspapers, websites, television news stations, etc. You can use theories repeatedly for this project; however, try to use varying theories to demonstrate an understanding of as many course criminological theories as possible.

Be sure to include APA formatting, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a reference page (please visit the Academic Resource Center for concise APA guidelines). For each module, be sure to include the date with either Local or National next to the date as the title for that module assignment. Note that there must be two titles for each module (one for local and one for national). Grading will be in part on ensuring that the course project included both a local and national component for each module. Thus, the final project should have a minimum of 16 Crimes with Theories Applied (two per module). You will also be graded on your APA formatting, reference page, grammar, and spelling.

Schmalleger, F. (2012). Criminology today: An intergrative introduction (6th ed). Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

CRJ 110 Introduction to Criminology.
Initial Outline of the Dissertation
Research topic
Analysing the impact of employee participation in management decision making on employee performance: Case Study of Asda UK Company
Research Objectives
1.    To investigate if Asda UK allows for employee engagement in management decision making.
2.    To identify the strategies used by Asda UK to ensure employee participation in making management decisions.
3.    To assess the extent to which employee participation in management decision-making affects the performance of workers in Asda UK
4.    To establish the necessity of employee participation in management decision making to Asda UK
Research Methodology
Data collection
The researcher will use quantitative research strategy to conduct this study. Data collection will involve using both self-administered and researcher-administered questionnaires.
The researcher shall seek a written permission from the company allowing him to legally access the company’s premises to conduct the research.
The sample size will be 120 participants, constituting the employees of Asda UK. Participants will be randomly selected from the company; however, participants will be asked if they are willing to participate in the study.
Data Analysis and Presentation
Data collected will be analysed quantitatively and presented using tables, charts and graphs.


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