CyberToys anaysis using the normalization concepts

CASE 1: CyberToys
You handle administrative support for CyberToys, a small chain that sells computer hardware and software and specializes in personal service. The company has four stores located in malls and is planning more. Each store has a manager, a technician, and between one and four sales reps. The owners want to create a personnel records database, and they asked you to review a table that they had designed. They suggested fields for store number, location, store telephone, manager name, and manager home telephone. They also want fields for technician names and technician home telephones and fields for up to four sales rep names and sales rep home telephones.
Draw their suggested design and analyze it using the normalization concepts you learned in the chapter. What do you think of their design and why? What would you propose?
Note: For this assignment, you must draw the design suggested and also your proposed design.

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