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Data Analysis Design

The CDC is proposing to train public health professionals nationally on improving Influenza A prevention strategies targeting particular high-risk groups in the state. In order to prepare for next year’s flu season, the CDC needs to identify the locations where possible mass vaccination clinics need to be set up.

You are the head of a nine-member public health committee at the state public health department. You need to present the proposed data analysis design to the public health department chair. Your proposed data analysis design should include the following:

A proposal for the research design.
A sample, methods, and data analysis strategy that you would use for this study.
Specifics of your research.
Updated estimates on the number of influenza cases and related hospitalizations and deaths in your state in the previous years.
An analysis of data by geographical area.
An analysis of data by demographics.
Key flu indicators and their prevalence in your state.
Recommendations on the locations of future clinics.

Sample Solution

A Note Against Transhumanism GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination transhumanism, against transhumanismBy the principal quarter of the 21st century, mankind's development has arrived at its top; at any rate this is valid for the human mind, as certain neuroscientists guarantee (io9). This implies the state of our bodies, just as the elements of our organs, and our psychological abilities, will no doubt not change later on. Be that as it may, an enormous gathering of individuals accept mankind can be upgraded by the methods for current innovation; alongside sensible thoughts, there exist radical hypotheses about computerized eternality (transferring one's cognizance to outer capacity), or supplanting human organic bodies with cloned or mechanical ones. This belief system is called transhumanism, and regardless of its appearing engaging quality, it is a risky thought and an immediate method to social flimsiness and losing altruism. Let us center around the transhumanist thought regarding moving our characteristic bodies to fake ones. Regardless of how advanced the innovation is, it can't defeat one of the most astonishing components that have ever existed: human feelings. Basically, a feeling is a response of a person's body to their considerations or activities. One doesn't feel a feeling in their brain—it is a physical impression of their state of mind. In any case, if the human body is supplanted by a mechanical simple, how might this individual have the option to have sentiments? Feelings fill in as controllers of our conduct. Disgrace, blame, empathy, dread, happiness—these and numerous different feelings we feel each day; they assist us with recognizing rights from wrongs, they engage our morals, our ethical standards (FAKE 1). Regardless of whether a cloned organic body would be utilized rather than the mechanical one, where are the ensures that nothing would turn out badly? Emotionality is maybe probably the most grounded stay of empathy that we have, and denying it would no doubt lead to unexpected results. Another issue identified with transhumanism is a worldwide move in social procedures. Since transhumanism suggests an individual intentionally experiencing in essence transforms, clearly particular strategies will be accessible just to the individuals who can bear the cost of paying cash for it (as it won't be modest). Simultaneously, counterfeit upgrades will probably make these new people progressively successful as far as mental and physical abilities; consequently, they may have the option to shape a kind of a higher rank that would treat ordinary "non-expanded" people as second rate creatures (Anselmo). Wrongdoings, separation, human rights encroachment, and other negative results of this fake and uncontrolled advancement are legitimately associated with the past proposal about the loss of feelings, and is by all accounts inescapable. One of the scourges of human development of the 21st century are mental ailments. Huge numbers of us know individuals with Alzheimer's ailment at 60 or 70 years of age. Neurosis, schizophrenia, a wide range of fanatical impulsive issue, Alzheimer, dementia, and numerous other mental dysfunctions are fairly regular inside a normal life expectancy of 70-80 years. In any case, transhumanists accept the capacity to move psyches to the outer stockpiling would make individuals everlasting. Yet, our psyches are organically modified to work inside a specific time slip by (ScientificBase). It tends to be contrasted with a lapse date, and the additional time goes after it, the more awful the brain's condition is. Thinking about this, would an undying element have the option to remain completely rational for many years? A psychological ailment isn't an infection or glitch, so one can't begin an enemy of viral program to erase it. Henceforth, an a digital psychotherapy would become clinical control number one in the transhumanist future. It is amusing: transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil or Hans Moravec dream of divine capacities, however as opposed to making advanced universes, people in truth would need to battle folly and mental issue. Transhumanism as a philosophy of the counterfeit development of mankind by the methods for innovation can be somewhat alluring. Some transhumanist thoughts could be even applied for mankind. Then again, radical transhumanist thoughts—moving the human brain to counterfeit outside transporters, specifically—are dystopic. Counterfeit or cloned bodies would cause "expanded" individuals various extreme issues; for instance, individuals would lose their capacity to feel feelings, which is one of the key criteria of empathy. Public activity would change radically, as expanded individuals would no doubt treat "basic" individuals as second rate creatures. Be that as it may, in all probability, the brains of such expanded and undying individuals would fall, on the grounds that a human psyche has a naturally modified "termination date." Therefore, transhumanism and its goals are not really material to humankind. References Wilkins, Alasdair. "Why Our Minds have Probably Evolved the extent that They Can Go." Io9. N.p., 12 July 2011. Web. 14 Feb. 2014. . Hopkins, June. "Feelings as They May be." ScientificBase. N.p., 15 Sept. 2012. Web. 14 Feb. 2014. Anselmo, Samuel. "Humanism of the Future." Transparent Transhumanism. N.p., 12 Aug. 2009. W

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