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Defining and Working with Communities

• Reflect on the definition of a ‘community’ by Zakus and Lysack (1998) and the summary by Laverack (2007, Chapter 2). Consider the diversity of individuals and groups within a geographical area such as your neighbourhood, what problems might the neighbourhood’s diversity create in the representation of the community’s members in health programs? Consider Laverack’s ladder of community-based interaction (2007, Chapter 2) and with this in mind describe the key steps you have taken or would take and how you may approach, what you consider the best points of entry for practitioners working with communities and how might this affect the success of a program?
Discussion 2: Community Capacity-Building and Empowerment
• Reflect on the definition of community capacity by Labonte and Laverack (2001a). Does this reflect your definition of community empowerment? How might you use it to foster empowerment in your current workplace or community?

Module 2
Discussion 1: Theories, Approaches and Models of Health Promotion
• Review Nutbeam’s short text (2010), Chapters 2 and 3 in Gottwald and Goodman-Brown (2012), and Chapter 6 in Laverack (2014) on the theories and models of health promotion. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches in practice when working with diverse communities. How would you reliably select the most effective theories and health promotion models for your work? Feel free to draw on your own experiences.
Discussion 2: Increasing Awareness and Skills in Programs
• Raising awareness and developing the skills of individuals, groups and communities is an important aspect of health promotion practice. Read and review Chapters 5 and 7 of the Gottwald and Goodman-Brown text (2012) on social marketing and mass communication; Chapter 5 in Corcoran (2013) on information technology in health communication; and the paper on health literacy by Nutbeam (2000). Which strategies do you think would be effective in health programs in your community to increase awareness, motivate and develop the skills of people in diverse communities?

Sample Solution

For a few understudies, being a piece of an entering first year recruit class of 8,000 understudies might overpower, and sitting in an address lobby with 200 may not be their favored method for learning. These are the sorts of understudies who are as of now pulled in to littler private establishments where swarms are littler and educator connection is increasingly close to home. What’s more, most much of the time, these are private schools and colleges that don’t get immediate help from the state or government. So what happens when a secondary school senior and his or her folks look at a private school in New York with the yearly educational cost of $50,000, or even one where educational cost is only $14,000, with Binghamton University– SUNY, where educational cost is zero? Will the little private school merit any thought? Presumably not. In any case, pause, where will the understudy prosper? What condition will fuel their prosperity? What’s best for the understudy? Will any of that be considered once they have the choice of “free school”? The end result for the private universities? Will they wind up wiped out? Did Governor Cuomo expect to issue a capital punishment to private schooling in his mission to make instruction free at the state funded schools? What effect will “free school” have on his place of graduation, Fordham University? Educational cost at Fordham surpasses $47,000 every year – and that is present educational cost without expenses. The four-year cost of a Fordham training, with educational cost increments and charges, will effortlessly surpass $200,000. What’s more, that is without lodging costs.

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