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Deliverable 6 Change Management Plan

As part of a global pandemic in 2020, many companies directed their employees to work from home (WFH). There were so many uncertainties that companies were faced with making decisions on whether to continue with their WFH strategy. In the meantime, leadership worried about keeping their employees productive. Many leaders are still adjusting to this paradigm shift. As the organizational development manager, you decide to address the issue of WFH and the impact of this decision on the organization in a presentation in the upcoming C-suite leadership meeting.

Discuss the transition from transactional leadership to transformational leadership practices and any obstacles leaders will face by not having a physical presence with their team
Describe the measurements a leader may take in order to ensure consistency and quality from their team while they are WFH
Explain how work from home can affect an organization overall and what the leader can do to maintain cohesion
Describe the steps a leader should take when their team is transitioning from the office to WFH

Sample Solution

bound to pass the NCLEX-PN. An unfamiliar secondary school instruction, preadmission Writing abilities, and GPA contributed fundamentally to expectation of culmination of the nursing program. A U.S. secondary school training, male orientation, and preadmission perusing and composing ability level added to progress in anticipating consequences of the NCLEX-PN for program graduates (Boudreaux, 2006). Segment attributes and scholastic factors of graduates from a metropolitan functional nursing program were concentrated on by Young-Richardson (1996) to evaluate the degree that these qualities could foresee understudies' presentation on the NCLEX-PN. The example comprised of 261 commonsense nursing graduates who composed the licensure assessment somewhere in the range of 1982 and 1987. The seven segment free factors included orientation, progress in years, secondary school graduate or GED, earlier nursing experience, business status while enlisted, conjugal status, and number of youngsters under age sixteen. Functional Nursing Entrance Examination (PNEE) scores, National League of Nursing Achievement Test scores, grade point normal at end of pre-clinical experience, and grade point normal at program fruition were the scholastic factors contemplated. The scientist picked various direct relapses to examine the information. The aftereffects of the review showed that understudies with minor kids under age sixteen in the understudies' families had higher NCLEX-PN scores, and this variable represented six percent of the fluctuation in NCLEX-PN, segment factors were not viewed as indicators of accomplishment on the NCLEX-PN and 69% of the difference in NCLEX-PN execution is made sense of by scores on four NLN Achievement Tests scores and by scores on the PNEE (Young-Richardson, 1996). Snook (1997) concentrated on eight classes of functional medical caretakers throughout the years 1990 to 1995 for the reason to recognize indicators based on aggregate grade point normal and program fruition among low-pay viable nursing understudies. The two gatherings were concentrated independently. Information investigation included depiction of both low-pay and non-low pay bunches on segment qualities old enough, orientation, conjugal status, full or parttime understudy, secondary everyday schedule, post secondary school instruction, and long stretches of past work, sychological Services Bureau (PSB) inclination test scores, program fulfillment, and last grade point normal. Both the t test and chi-square test were applied to decide likenesses and contrasts in the two gatherings. Prescient equations were likewise evolved from a stage wise numerous relapse examination. The specialist found that among the low-pay bunch, wedded understudies were bound to graduate than single understudies. Concerning grade point normal, scoring high on the PSB verbal subtest had a positive connection with definite grade point normal for both low pay and non-low pay gatherings, and the factors parttime and wedded improved the probability of an understudy getting a higher last grade point normal. Anticipating program fulfillment and NCLEX-PN accomplishment for healing and non-medicinal pragmatic nursing understudies was the focal point of the examination led by Hawsey (1997). Chi-square tests and calculated relapse were utilized to examine the accompanying autonomous factors that incorporate race, strategy for secondary school consummation, cooperation in medicinal coursework, aggregate number of nursing courses fizzled, and language. The discoveries exhibited that to pass NCLEX-PN on the main endeavor was impacted by perusing capacity estimated by ACTASSET position assessment scores, race, and aggregate nursing GPA. Program finish was impacted by age, as more seasoned understudies were less inclined to graduate than more youthful understudies, and number of nursing courses fizzled

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