Design a Risk Assessment

Design a Risk Assessment

You may wish to undertake a team based risk assessment as a way of addressing an issue in your organisation.
Prepare a document scoping a risk assessment for a workplace issue, covering the reasons for the risk assessment, the methodologies used and the outcomes required. Address your memo to the appropriate person who can allocate organisational and personal resources.
The document must cover the following headings:
> Background / Introduction (The circumstances leading up to the need for the assessment)
> Context issues (discuss the risk management activities of the organisation, summarising the strategic, organisational and risk management contexts)
> Objectives (What should be achieved by undertaking the risk assessment)
> Scope (Breadth of the assessment, hazard types and uncertainties, system boundaries)
> Methods of Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis with rationale for the choices (identify two possible risk assessment techniques that could be used)
> Explain how the ‘acceptable’ risk and risk control will be achieved
> Time to be taken & resource requirements
> The expected output/product
> The feedback to the assessment team
> Attach a 1 page Hazard Inventory

NOTE: This document should form the basis of an agreement to expend the resources on a Risk Assessment, with a value-adding objective. MINE8120 Assignment Information 2014
Advice on completing Assignment 2:
> The Hazard Inventory table should address: o Hazard and Location
o Degree of unpredictability
o Magnitude of hazard
o Nature of possible consequences

An example is shown below together with some examples of boundary specifications. Choose one of these to assist in defining the scope of the risk assessment depending on the outcome required from the risk assessment:
Example ‘Hazard Inventory’ Hazard & Location     Degree of Unpredictability     Magnitude of Hazard     Nature of Consequences
Hydrostatic (Stored fluids)
Water (rainfall) in the overall working area     Rainfall uncertainty is high so hazard defined as 1 in 100 year rainfall over the catchment area     Large catchment area (10 sq. K.) with high run off above the mining location     Rapid and violent flooding of the work area – major equipment damage, fatalities & major delays
Water (mine) – in the water used for cooling / sprays, etc.     Water pH varies up to 11 so manage as if all water is pH 11     All mine water could be affected     Moderate environmental damage, major equipment damage due to corrosion
Spontaneous combustion – in the coal left behind     Propensity to spontaneous combustion is unknown so assume that it can happen     At least 50-% of resource left behind and broken so major source of hazard     Fire and loss of the project from explosion blasting working area
Diesel fuel stores at fuel depot in the work area     On site stores are up to 5,000 liters so mange as if 5,000 liters present     5,000 liters of diesel fuel     Moderate environmental damage, major fire


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