Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

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Final Case Take-Home Exam (40%)
Each student must complete a final campaign project as a take-home exam based on a case uploaded into Moodle. The final exam case submission must include the following components:
Review the direct marketing campaign(s) used by the organization in the case and critique it (review its strengths and weaknesses)
Create a DM campaign (see requirements on the individual case)
Design all creative elements (ads, brochures, etc.) for the campaign you have developed.

MADD  Busi 3336: Direct Marketing Take-Home Final Exam Case – Fall 2014
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was established by a woman named Candy Lightner after her 16 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Since then, MADD has grown to become an international charitable organization dedicated to education, victim support and reducing impaired driving. An American poll demonstrated that MADD is the most well-liked charity in the US and that it is the second-most supported charity. MADD is also the recipient of a lot of marketing support from various organizations. A consortium of large US-based advertising firms, the Ad Council of America, does public service announcements for free. They have assisted with a lot of the television ad campaigns that have led MADD to success in recent years in the United States. You must create a MADD campaign for use in Nova Scotia. You may use resources from MADD, or from other sources, as long as you cite them using APA style. While you may use such resources, the actual campaign you design must be your own. You may want to go to the following link which describes what MADD Canada looks for in their media campaigns

This is an individual assignment, NOT a group assignment! Submit your exam electronically by uploading it into the Moodle site provided. Your written work should be typed, single spaced. You may include graphics for advertisements (etc.) in the text, or in an appendix to your paper. All written parts must adhere to APA format, and all references, images, and other intellectual property that is not your own must be properly cited using APA format. This will require the use of in-text citations in the written part of your exam, as well as the inclusion of a list of references at the end of your exam before any appendices. If you are worried about whether or not you need to cite something, cite it just in case!  Remember, if you don’t cite it, you could be plagiarizing.

I: Introduction and  Campaign Critique (50%) Your first task in this campaign is to critique the MADD campaign, as represented in the links provided and in any other resources you may find by addressing:
1) Your first impression of the materials
2) Your opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign
3) How you would rate the direct marketing campaigns from 1 to 10 where 10 is “Great” and 1 is “Absolutely Awful”?
4) Explain how the campaign would be strengthened

This section of your exam should be written in full sentence and paragraph form except for Part 2 (strengths and weaknesses) which may be done in point-form.

II: Campaign Creation (50%) Your second and final task is to create a new campaign of your own. Your recommended campaign must include:
1) Market segment characteristics (demographics and other relevant descriptors)
2) Media blend selection (Must include at least three different media)
3) Development and inclusion of all promotional materials.

Only materials that are created and uploaded with your case (or in its appendix) will be graded. Promotional materials must be designed for each of the media chosen.  This section should be written in full sentence and paragraph form.  The more media used in your promotional blend and the greater the creativity and overall impact of the promotional materials, the higher your grade will be. Actual production of audio or video is NOT required. Use the planning sheets from the DM Modules as was done for the in-course assignments.

Some Background Resources MADD website: and MADD Canada: and directory of chapters within Nova Scotia
Sample of emotional promotional hook for fundraising:
Personalization to drive message home: Victim Tributes:


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