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“Disorganization” and “social control”

What do the terms “disorganization” and “social control” mean, in the context of the structure of an inner city?
How do the issues of employment and income disparity impact the individuals or families living in your city or neighborhood? Provide examples to support your stand.
The debate between classical and positive theorists centers on the offender’s motivation for criminal behavior. Positivists believe the motivation for crime often arises in response to factors beyond the offender’s control. We often hear examples such as an unemployed person who turns to crime when there’s no other way to pay the rent. How often, though, is crime really about survival? Are people stealing in order to feed their kids, or is this a myth? Cite credible research in your response.
Considering the conclusions you reached in the previous point, discuss the policy implications of your conclusion.

Sample Solution

icacy of DBT in reducing suicidal tendencies of BPD patients remains undisputed; however, due to the costly nature of the intervention, it is important to deduce which components of DBT are essential and to what extent adherence to the DBT manual is required to achieve comparable results to the above studies. BPD individuals take up more mental health resources than most psychiatric disorders, due to the substantial treatment needed to combat the high mortality rate this disorder carries. The standard DBT treatment is highly specialised and expensive, as it requires intensive training and clinical resources. The combination of individual therapy, group skills training, telephone coaching and a therapist consultation team amounts to a minimum of 3-4 hour long treatments per patient per week. Equally important, considering the specialised nature of the treatment, clinicians are expected to invest time to complete training which requires them to attend two comprehensive training courses and complete 90 items of assigned self-study homework to render them specialised in DBT treatment (Choi-Kain, Albert & Gunderson, 2016). Moreover, since DBT predicts the possibility of clinician burnout (mental and physical exhaustion from prolonged involvement in emotionally demanding work situations), it includes additional resources for frequent supervision and consultation group meetings as well (Carmel, Fruzzetti & Rose, 2013). Resources are always limited in a budget constrained healthcare system; hence, clinical priorities should take into consideration the graveness of the disorder, the expected benefits of the treatment and analyse the cost-effectiveness between the two. DBT has the potential to be more cost-effective by adapting and shortening the standard treatment, which ultimately cuts the cost of treatment. Explicitly, the multicomponent nature of DBT should be systematically examined and dismantled to identify which components are sufficient to produce a less intensive but still highly effective treatment. Linehan, et al. (2015) conducted an experiment to evaluate which DBT components are actually necessary to achieve positive outcomes. In particular, she investigated the importance of the skills training component of DBT by comparing three treatment conditions: (1) DBT skills training (DBT-S) that occurs without individual therapy and replaces that with case management; (2) DBT individual therapy (DBT-I) that occurs without without DBT skills training and replaces that with an activity-based support group, and (3) standard DBT

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