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Donate clothes Homeless Shelter or Volunteering Nursing Home

Choose a topic you feel truly passionate about, like motivating people to donate clothes to a homeless shelter or volunteering at a local nursing home (as examples). If you choose a controversial topic, be sure to present both sides AND provide solid academic sources. In fact, a minimum of 4 academic sources is required for this assignment as well as a visual aid. Presentation, Slides, Etc.

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The Islamic pawn broking scheme in Malaysia underlying the principle of Islamic Shariah and combining the source of al-Rahnu collected into other transaction in Muamalat Islamic such as al-Wadiah yad Damanah, Al-Ujrah and Al-Qard-hasan are necessary to made of Islamic pown broking stated by Hisham, S. et. al (2013). However, Appannan and Doris (2011) their study show awareness of people living in Kedah State in Malaysia particularly in Sungai Patani resident the finding show is mindful of the duration of Islamic pown broking while the alert of variety races in the city are different level. The Bumiputra and Chinese were inform ar-Rahnu sheme and the most foctor affecting the communict to remained Islamic pawn broking was better the cost of loan of pawn broking conventional and cheaper its cost. In addition to that, Islamic pawn broking system might be considered as the best alternative of conventional pawn broking based on interest rate. Baht and Sinnakkannu had observed the subsequently benefit of Islamic pawn broking; the first point is ar-Rahnu based on Islamic Shariah and free from Riba loan, second thing is easy to applications, quick responses, lower fee than the conventional pawn broking scheme, fixed storage fee, no punishments after delaying the term, guaranteed protection of the gold, long financing maturity, and surplus auction income backed to the customer. Bhatt, P., Sinnakkannu, J. (2008). What do we mean by Supporting Contracts? “They are called supporting contracts because they don’t usually standalone by themselves. Rather, they will be offered together with other types of contracts, although in recent years, we have seen products offered solely and exclusively adopting some of them as a standalone package. In most commercial banking practice, these products will be offered by the bankers as a service contract and thus some amount of payment is charged for the rendering of it.” (Mohd Johan Lee, 2017) The Rationale on the Application Most of Islamic-based law (shariah) would not talk much regarding the identification of the cause/ rationale of the hukm. To make further identification of the reasoning behind a product of a hukm, Most of Muslim Jurist would depend on epistemology of Maqasid al-shariah or Maslahah.

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