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In a paragraph, describe and explain the Incident Command System.

Name and describe the five functional areas of ICS and list their primary responsibilities.

Describe the key components of an incident action plan.

List at least 5 duties of the Incident Commander (IC) or the Unified Command (UC)

For the last question set up and describe an Incident Command System for the following scenario. Define all the roles and responsibilities for each function area that would be included in this scenario.

SCENARIO: At 10:05a.m. today, a hurricane/earthquake/tornado/flood hit the community of Edenton. The downtown area was hardest hit. People have reported damage to homes, and businesses have been affected as well. No fatalities have been reported. Three people with injuries have been taken to the Edenton Community Hospital, which is also reporting some damage. As many as 10 people are missing. The downtown fire station is destroyed/inoperable. Two other fire stations are operational. Other possible effects: A large fire has broken out in downtown Water mains are cut. 10 percent of the population has sustained injuries. Utility lines are down. Animals in the zoo have escaped from their cages. Looters are rampaging downtown. Sewers have backed up, endangering public health. Many houses are destroyed/inhabitable and shelters will be needed. A hazardous spill has occured. A major road has been affected.
Describe your Incident Command System textually in the response area.

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