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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Respond to the following questions using the appropriate APA format.
Access the press releases on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Web site:
Document a recent lawsuit or settlement involving race, ethnic, sex, age, disability, national origin, or religious
discrimination that was likely to have been covered by the media.
Describe the allegations, plaintiffs, and resolution of the cases.
Document the time periods between the incidents and final resolution of the cases.
Search the Web for newspaper articles or other media presentations relevant to each case.
Do the EEOC’s presentation and the media’s presentation take different perspectives?

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might find as a difficult task. Some opinions rely on the consideration that a mix of deductive and inductive teaching is useful in classrooms, while other opinions consider this a confusing process for young learners, for example. Thornbury made a list of advantages and disadvantages of using a deductive approach in classroom: Advantages Disadvantages – It’s time-saving – Grammatical rules are explained, making their comprehension easy – It can be easily applied on students’ level of knowledge – It confirms students’ expectation about learning – It permits teachers to deal with language issues as they come, not to anticipate them – A grammatical presentation from the beginning of the lesson may not be welcomed – The use of scientific terminology may not be understood – The teacher’ s role diminishes students’ interaction and involvement in the teaching process – It builds the idea that knowing the grammatical rules is the only way to learn the language Thornbury adds along with Grammar-Translation, Audio-Lingual, Communicative Approach for teaching grammar, the Direct Method and Natural Approach. Unlike Grammar-Translation Approach, the Direct Method puts focus on oral skills. Although there was a syllabus of grammatical structures, explicit grammar teaching was not allowed. Learners were supposed to acquire it as the way they did with the native language’s. Krashen’s Natural Approach demanded learners to be exposed to “comprehensible input”. Like the Direct Method, the Natural Approach considered that learners were able to gain knowledge of L2 the same way as first language acquisition. Explicit grammatical rules were not taken into consideration. Consciousness-Raising rejects Natural Approach which splits the learning in conscious and unconscious processes. The approach also rejects the linear form of grammar learning and seeks a deeper view of it. Some researchers do not accept the concept that second language acquisition is accumulated gradually and a direct exposition to grammatical rules should be replaced by an inductive manner, thus Consciousness-Raising turns into a process. Others considered that there should be made a distinction between explicit knowledge (received information) and implicit

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