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Ethical Consideration

Reference entry (1 point): Provide the complete 6th edition APA citation for the action research proposal you are reviewing.
Title (1 point): Provide the title of the research proposal. It is usually a statement based on the research question—short and to the point.
Research Topic (3 points): Describe the specific topic to be studied in a paragraph. (Be certain that the research question relates to the topic.)
Research Problem (2 points): Provide a brief statement that fully describes the problem being addressed. Present this in one sentence or no more than one clear concise paragraph.
Research Purpose (2 points): Write a brief statement that fully describes the intent of the study or the reason for conducting the study. Present this in one sentence or no more than one clear concise paragraph.
Research Participants (2 points):Describe in detail the participants of the study.
Research Question(s) (2 points):List the primary research question and any sub questions addressed by the proposed study. The primary research question should flow logically from the problem statement and purpose statement and be very similar in wording although phrased as a question. This may include alternative and null hypotheses as appropriate.
Literature Review Section (2 points): Provide a brief overview of the conceptual framework upon which the study is based. Identify the seminal research and theories that inform the study. Discuss the topics and themes that are used to organize the literature review.
Research Design (2 points): Describe the research design and state the type of approach used (e.g., quantitative or qualitative).
Ethical Consideration (2 points): Describe all ethical considerations and provide a rationale for the considerations.
Research Findings (2 points): Report all research findings and conclusions found from the study.
Need for the Study (1 point): Describe the need for the study. Provide a rationale or need for studying the particular issue or phenomenon.
Practical Implications (1 point): Describe any stated practical implications.

Sample Solution

Reasons for Lower Back Pain GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination circumstances and logical results article sampleTechnological progress has made various activities individuals perform consistently a lot more straightforward. Contrasted with the expectations for everyday comforts of a few centuries prior, physical security is nearly guaranteed these days. This, just as different elements, has caused noteworthy changes in ways of life, in particular diminished physical action. New working and living conditions have likewise caused a measure of far reaching medical issues which, in all likelihood, were new to past ages. One of such issues is steady lower back torment. One of the common reasons why individuals have torment in their lower back is root nerve torment. It is normally brought about by the nerve root being disturbed or precisely went ahead ( This occurs, for instance, on account of a purported prolapsed spine circle, when the delicate inward piece of a spinal plate swells off the outer part, which is more diligently, and pushes on the nerve. In its turn, this condition can be brought about by various components, for example, serious physical exertion, more than once being in an off-base body position, having an inactive way of life, etc. lumbar strainAnother explanation behind lower back torment is what is normally called lumbar strain. Essentially, this term implies lower back muscles, ligaments, or tendons have experienced an extending injury, causing minuscule tears in these tissues ( This illness can happen to individuals of all ages, and shows itself as agony went from gentle to extreme. Regularly, lumbar strain happens to individuals who fell, got hit, or experienced other damaging expressions of love on the lower back zone. Maybe the most widely recognized and, so to state, common motivation behind why individuals get torment in the lower back is degenerative procedures. The spine (of which the lower back area consistently experiences the most exceptional burdens, such as supporting body weight, lifting masses, etc) comprises of around 30 vertebrae, bones, and a light issue called "spine plates." As an individual gets more seasoned, and considering the steady loads on the lower back, this elastic issue between vertebrae wears off and turns out to be all the more solid (WebMD). This makes the circles become progressively powerless against injuries. Moreover, such ailments as osteochondrosis and scoliosis likewise cause gentle and extreme agony in various areas of the spine, including the lower back. Considering the previously mentioned reasons, it is clear lower back torment is regularly identified with the kind of physical burdens the spine gets continually. The three main considerations causing lower back issues are associated with mechanical impacts and degenerative procedures, so it is critical for any person to watch out for what activities the individual in question does and how the individual finishes activities to abstain from damaging the spine or spinal circles. References "Vague Lower Back Pain in Adults." N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2014. "Low Back Pain (Lumbar Back Pain)." MedicineNet. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2014. "Low Back Pain (Lumbar Back Pain)." MedicineNet. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2014. conversation paper, exposition typ

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