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Ethical issues that you may experience with your client

Identify someone in need (a friend) create a “Case Study” by providing information about your client as a whole person (not just their problem, but also their likes, hobbies, hopes, etc.).

Evaluate their needs from a human services standpoint. How did they get into their current situation? What about their life do they want to change? What can you as the human services professional do to help them?

Create a Service Plan by creating 5 goals for your client, assigning a local organization who will assist with each goal and a date this will be accomplished by. For example, “Goal #1: Link client to grief counseling services to address the death of her son. This will be done by referring her to Hospice of Palm Beach County by the end of next week”. The goals can be in “list format” (instead of paragraph format).

Discuss any ethical issues that you may experience with your client (for example, “my client told me that she has a crush on me, this is how I handled it”), how you will ensure confidentiality (for example, “I informed my client that anything we discuss stays between us unless she in danger, wants to hurt herself or someone else”), limits of competency (for example, “My client wanted my help processing her past sexual abuse but because I’m not qualified as a counselor, I referred her to someone who CAN help her”) and your continuing professional development (for example, “I will keep myself updated in the field by attending seminars on proper ethics, procedures, etc.”).

Sample Solution

Matrix, Plato, and Descartes are all controlled by different means. Neo is controlled by the computer system, Plato’s cave by the mankind and Descartes by his perceptions of evil demons. These three have multiple similarities as well as differences. They all question the reality in which they are currently living, whether it’s real or controlled by someone else. They all wanted to leave what they believed was reality and follow their senses which seemed to be the true reality. The Matrix has different realities in a time frame of 2 hours. Neo( the main character) was a software engineer (Thomas Anderson), but he sensed that there was an alternate reality about which he was completely unaware. Morpheus (the computer simulation head) has known about Neo and wants to bring him to his world as he thinks “Neo is the one”. He offers Neo two pills, a blue one which would allow him to continue living his life, ignorant of the truth and a blue one which would reveal the truth to him and allow him to not be deceived further. Neo goes into this false reality(computer simulation) without believing he is the chosen one only to be surprised by how he was “the one” and that was where he belonged. His doubt about dodging bullets came into reality in the last scene. Instead of just dodging them, he could just stop them mid way and wins against the agents who were the rivals and wanted to end their world. Plato’s “allegory of the cave,” tells about how a man is trapped in the cave and the only reality that exists for him is the shadow that he can see because of the fire and statues. Both characters, i.e., Neo and prisoners of the cave have been presented with their current reality by birth and they have only learned to live in that. They think that cave is the real world and continue to live in it, just like we think our world is the reality because we see and live through it. Whereas Neo is chained to a massive wall where machines use his body heat to power themselves, the prisoners are chained in a virtual state where they are mentally bound, giving them a false hope of being free. Both characters are like slaves, one is helpless and is taken to a different world, the prisoners are imprisoned and they have accepted that as a reality. Morpheus even tells Neo, “ You are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind”. The difference between Neo and prisoners is that men are set free by the people controlling them and when they see the real reality they are surprised and take time to adjust to it. Neo himself begins to question his own reality without even knowing there was an alternate reality. He chooses the true reality and returns to help those who have been deceived like him since childhood. On the other hand, Descartes evil demon is vividly realized in the Matrix films as the artificial intelligence that forces a virtual reality on humans. Both begin to question the current reality, for Descartes, the sensations in his dreams were vivid enough to convince him the dreams were real, the humans who ar

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