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Ethics in Psychological

What is informed consent? Select at least one video from this week (Ethics in Psychological Research or Key Issues in Psychological Research) to view for this assignment. What are the key points about ethics in research highlighted in each of these films, particularly those regarding informed consent? How would you use these to inform how you would handle the following two situations:

You have recruited a potential participant for a study that you are running of life events and depressive disorders. When the potential participant arrives, you discover that she has vision impairment. What are the ethical issues in this scenario, especially regarding informed consent? What do you do?
A participant comes to the second phase of a study that you are running. He said that he is not sure that he wants to complete the psychiatric interview again. He noted that he had a hard time sleeping the week after he completed the first phase. What do you do?

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). To begin with, whether or not inflation is always deemed to be a challenge or if there are actually any potential benefits surrounding the macroeconomic issue will be discussed. Generally speaking, moderate inflation has some benefits, especially when it’s compared to deflation. For instance, the real value of debt decreases, moderate rates also enable prices of goods to adjust to their real value prices. In some cases, at levels of moderate inflation, companies are able to increase wages whilst the prices of goods increases. However, the average inflation target is usually around 2% which is quite contrasting to that of Venezuela’s. Long term economic growth is thought to be optimised when price stability is maintained, which is done by controlling inflation (Investopedia 2019). At the level of inflation currently being faced by Venezuela, it is more suitable to refer to it as hyperinflation – a more extreme inflation during which price increases are uncontrollable and the value of money erodes to the extent that it is rendered worthless (thebalance 2019). Under these circumstances, few people benefit, however, debt holders and individuals who had taken out loans are amongst those who do, as inflation has the effect of eroding debt. Depending on the spread and severity of the inflation, the increase in prices make a debt worthless by comparison, under hyperinflation conditions, it’s virtually eliminated. Therefore, they find themselves able to pay back loans with ease and worthless money. Venezuela’s national debt had risen to approximately $156 billion in 2018 suggesting that they’d benefit from this immensely (MarketsInsider 2019). Similarly, those who are involved in the commodities export businesses are also at advantage. The decrease in value of a local currency results in cheaper exports in comparison to those of an exporter’s foreign competitors, at the same time, hard foreign currency is obtained (thebalance 2019) by the exporter. Individuals who had however, lent money as opposed to loaned it, are likely to be most negatively impacted due to their money becoming worthless. Understandably, the negatives associated with inflation with regards to Venezuela considerably outweigh any benefits. As of January 2020, Maduro initiated an increase in the national minimum wage. The minimum monthly salary earner is currently receiving 250,000 bolivars (£2.80) , a 67% increase from the previous minimum wage – 150,000 bolivars. Alongside this, he implemented a food bonus of 200,000 bolivars (Quartz 2020) – that goes for individuals who are actually employed. It was predicted that Venezuela’s unemployment rate would have reached 50% by this year.. Venezuela’s unemployment rate – referring to the segment of the labour force

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