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Evaluation of Michael’s condition

Michael X, a 25-year-old aspiring nursing student with a history of polycystic kidney disease was shot in the chest and abdomen. On admission to the emergency room (ER), the first radiograph of the chest revealed a 6.4 mm bullet in the heart and the second bullet was located in the abdomen.
Using a minimum of 5 references (retrieved from either a science textbook or a scientific peer-reviewed journal) answer the following questions below.

  1. Upon evaluation of Michael’s condition, the ER physician concluded that the bullet entered between the 4th and 5th intercostal space and lodged into the left ventricle. What is the correct order of serous membranes and body cavities that the bullet could penetrate before lodging into the left ventricle?
  2. The detectives assigned to the case were swift in retrieving the 0.25 caliber pistol that was used in the shooting. At the crime scene, they also collected DNA samples and fingerprints on the gun. As part of the team assigned to this case, explain why your team collected these pieces of evidence from the crime scene?
  3. The MRI revealed a pericardial effusion. Describe how pericardial effusion can affect the anatomical structures and function of the heart.
  4. Michael sustained an ankle injury during the incident. Describe the different types of bone joints that may have been affected.
  5. Considering that the bullet hit the phrenic nerve. Describe the effect of the injury to the major muscle supplied by this nerve. Discuss the three types of muscle tissue, (include microscopic slides of these tissues) and classify the type of muscle tissue of the affected muscle.
  6. Gunshot wounds to the chest are always associated with major blood loss and disruption of blood flow through the heart. Michael X is AB+. What blood type should he receive and why?
  7. Michael X was moved to the ICU due to low oxygen saturation levels as measured by the oximeter and was complaining of dyspnea. A tracheostomy was indicated to mitigate his situation. Based on this information, describe what tracheostomy is and trace the pathway of air to the lungs after the tracheostomy was performed.
  8. Michael became paraplegic due to the bullet reaching the lumbar segment of the spinal cord. Describe the transverse section of the spinal cord including the meninges and indicate the affected plexus that caused the loss of function.
  9. Several organs in the abdomen were affected due to the second gunshot. The bullet reached the retroperitoneal space; what digestive and endocrine organs may have been affected. Please include the functions of these organs that may have been compromised.
  10. Polycystic kidney disease is an inherited disorder in which portions of the nephron become structurally abnormal resulting in the growth of cysts within the kidney. As indicated in this case study Michael X has a medical history of polycystic disease. Trace the correct pathway of glomerular filtrate from the kidneys (i.e. starting at the renal corpuscle) to the urinary bladder

Sample Solution

needs. There were inadequately characterized nursing terms restraining dissecting, conceptualizing, and deciphering studies. Nursing mediation content in many examination reports was restricted as for giving direction to pushing ahead practically speaking. There was a lion's share of references in writing that tended to the significance of nursing presence and mindful. The terms were inadequately characterized, yet were normal cycles supported by expert and individual development and values with respect to parental figures. Studies endeavored to examine and separate between nursing phrasings, for example, nursing presence and mindful, yet noticed that the covering of terms proposed an absence of confirmable contrasts (Hopkins, 2006). Conn (2008) broke down how much mediation detail revealed in research on nursing intercession. Quantitative substance examination, standardizing examination, and actual unit examination, were used to concentrate on 141 articles of exploration distributed in 27 diaries. Many reports were missing parts connected with mediation. The review discoveries demonstrated that just 27% of the reports gave adequate detail to possibly recreate the examinations or change the mediations into training. Much of the time ailing in reports were linkages and hypothetical systems for precisely deciphering studies (Conn, 2008, p. 57). Lacking Support of Collegial Infrastructure The second bunch of checked on writing connected with nursing mediation practically speaking inside the calculated premise of this study presented the deficiency of collegial framework backing to foster effective nursing research. Maas (2009) directed a case depiction of 17 nursing schools engaged with the nursing examination of gerontological. It was deduced in the exploration that there was a necessity of medical services for more seasoned people and the progress of a school was impacted by the enlistment of additional nursing research personnel of gerontological. Junior workforce who didn't hold doctoral certificates, however needed to lead research in gerontological nursing frequently didn't get the fundamental partner foundation support to foster their abilities, experience, and efficiency for effective examination. Gerontological nursing review would in general be finished by specialists working freely, however some less lucky nursing schools had the option to get to outreach models reached out by different schools that were georontological nursing research escalated, to help the readiness of medical attendant personnel and clinicians. Just 0.9% of the medical caretakers had doctoral examination certifications, at this point the quantity of nursing concentrates on distributed in peer-surveyed diaries was at an untouched high (Maas, et al., 2009, p. 412). Financing and Legislation of Programs The 6th part in this gathering of explored writing connected with nursing mediation by and by presented regulation and subsidizing as fundamental for the improvement of projects to teach adequate parental figures to address future issues. West (2004) noted in a distributed article the adverse consequence of the lack in nursing and of overseen care on the medical services framework. West revealed that tiny exploration gave arrangements that the wellbeing framework could start to enroll and hold attendants. There were signs that endeavored measures had not had any drawn out effect

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