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Everyday Bible Study

After reading the assigned chapters in Everyday Bible Study (Chapters 1-5), create a learning log that lists 10 quotes from the assigned reading that highlight either a concept that resonated with you or a concept that represents new learning for you. Following each of these quotes you must provide a 3-5 sentence explanation of how the selected quote represents either what resonated with you or this new learning. For an example of this type of thread, please see the provided example.

Replies: Reply to two threads and address your classmates’ thoughts and ideas. The content of each reply must reflect an excellent knowledge of the reading and interact with both the thread and relevant chapter material. You must support your thoughts and ideas with content from Everyday Bible Study.

Sample Solution

it is devised as soft opt-out system that allows the next of kin to make the final decision, presumed consent for organ donation will violate the rights of the deceased leading to fear and a reduction in available organs. Introduction The British Prime Minister, Theresa May proposed to remove the need for donor cards in order to save thousands of lives at the Conservative Party Conference in 2017. She believed that introduction to a new opt-out legislation will increase the number of organ donation across the UK. The proposed legislation will make everyone donor, unless a person expressly register the objection. The bill claimed that by enacting the new legislation, it is possible to save 500 lives each year. Though, no evidence was submitted in support of the claim. There are contrasting views in relation to ‘opt-out’ laws among the medical professionals. Some professionals believe that introducing an ‘opt-out’ will increase the number of organ donation and thus, will save many lives. However, there are contradictory views as well. According to Nuffield Council on Bioethics (NCB) enacting the ‘opt-out’ law will undermine the public trust and this will make people reluctant to donate. Different system for organ donation around the world There are wide ranges of systems available for organ donation around the world. In Austria, a hard opt-out system is in place. So, doctors can take out any organ which they consider appropriate after a person dies unless that person registered to opt-out. If the deceased failed to register for opt-out during life, this rule applies regardless of the relatives’ knowledge that the deceased would object to donate organ. In Belgium, a soft opt-out system is currently in place. Doctors can take out any organ which they consider appropriate after a person dies unless that

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