Factors that affect teenage behavior

1- Evaluate the concept of social perception; include the ideas of self-perception, social comparison, impressions, and attributions.

2 – Set up an outline illustrating the factors that play a role in interpersonal attraction and describe how these factors affect the establishment, maintenance, and deterioration of relationships.

3 – Create a definition describing the concept of roles and discuss the positive and negative aspects of roles in our society, including roles in the work place.

4 – Compare the concepts of stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination. Delineate the relationship between these phenomena, and discuss their impact upon the individual and society.

5 – Theorize how attitudes are formed and changed. Create a hypothesis about the relationship between attitudes and behavior.

6 – Evaluate research findings on how conformity, compliance, and obedience mold the behavior of individuals and groups.

7 – Formulate an outline on the factors that influence the development and elicitation of pro-social behavior.

8 – Create a definition for aggression, evaluate the theoretical positions on the origins of aggression, and assess the social and situational factors that influence aggression.

9 – Appraise group processes and how they influence collective behavior and group decisions, including group behavior in the work place.

10 – Elaborate on the causes of crime and the process of our justice system. Interpret how the programs are used to reduce crime.

11 – Translate how stresses within the social and physical world contribute to physical and mental problems; compare and contrast the concept of coping, prevention, and treatment.


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