Factors that contribute to heritage consistency in your culture or religion

Cultural Diversity Paper

  1. Identify and discuss the factors that contribute to heritage consistency in your culture or religion: (ex. religion, beliefs and practices, values and norms).
  2. Describe traditional aspects of healthcare within your culture or religion.
  3. Address the demographics of your culture or religion in the United States.
  4. Describe barriers to obtaining healthcare that affect your culture or religion.
  5. Describe how your culture’s or religion’s beliefs and norms might impact communication with a healthcare provider.
  6. Paper should be in your own words, Essay must be two pages, 1-inch margins both sides, top and bottom, 0.5-inch indented paragraphs, double spaced, 12
    Times New Roman Font, correct spelling, and grammar. (DO NOT GO OVER TWO PAGES)
  7. If you did not get information from textbook you must have a reference page attached to show where obtained your data.
    Do NOT copy and paste from the internet as this is plagiarism and you will receive a zero for the assignment.
    These papers will be analyzed via Turnitin for plagiarism and originality of your own work.

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