Famous anthropologists who discussed witchcraft

Read to the two brief excerpts from two of the most famous anthropologists who discussed witchcraft: Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard (section IV, pages 7-10) and Marvin Harris (pages 234-240). Evans-Pritchard was a functionalist studying witchcraft in a small-scale African society, while Harris was a neo materialist (aka Marxist) reflecting on the witch craze in late-medieval Europe. Answer the following questions based on the readings. (Feel free to read the entire chapters if you like.):
● How does social structure impact witchcraft accusations in both societies? What are some similarities and differences?
● How might witchcraft have a functional role of controlling behavior in the African and European society discussed?
● Do you think Harris’ neo material explanation for the witch craze in Europe is plausible? What might be an alternative interpretation? Explain your answer with evidence.

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