Finding and Retaining Talent

In the Marketplace simulation this week, you will be assessing strategies for hiring and compensating employees to support your growth plans. According to the Conrad-Bradshaw (2022) employers are struggling to fill open jobs. Job seekers may also have struggles finding the jobs they want (Zahn, 2018). Understanding the causes of this problem can alleviate the gap between employer talent shortage and candidate success in the search effort, increasing company success in a world economy that is experiencing a talent shortage.

For this discussion topic, you will:

Main Response

Using the readings and videos for this unit as a base, along with other sources you uncover in your research, provide a synopsis of the points that stand out for you on the gap discussed above.
Use the 6-step problem-solving process from Unit 2 to complete a diagnosis on the problem(s) as you see it/them. Use Steps 1–5 and explain how you would incorporate Step 6, Follow Up & Evaluate Progress.
Post the results of this diagnosis, including how you used integrative thinking in the completion of the diagnosis.
If given the opportunity, how would you use this information to increase hiring and retention success in the simulation?
Example Responses to Peers to Increase Discussion Success

Provide additional research to support or refute the information that peers have posted.
Include personal examples of how your company (if applicable) may be overcoming the talent shortage.
Talk about how this could be included in simulation game play or in the work you do every day.
Provide a personal example of how this has happened to you in the past and the outcome.

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