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Forensic finding with a high power electrocution

One common forensic finding with a high power electrocution is an entry and exit wound. Assume you are death scene investigator and have been called to the scene of what appears to be an electrocution. Upon examining the body, you notice a small burn to the decedent’s scalp and two larger burns to the decedent’s hands (one burn per hand).

What conclusion can you draw from your investigation? One entry wound and one exit wound? One entry wound and two exit wounds? Two entry wounds and one exit wound? How do you write up your death investigation report based on these findings?

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The climatic factors are a great hindrance to the soldiers during battle. They are affected both physically and mentally by extreme temperatures of heat and cold. The typical situation is during the rainy conditions where there will be mud sticking everywhere. This will reduce the time taken to travel from one place to the others. This climatic condition causes great traffic ability and also affects the logistics. The visibility is completely barred for the soldiers and this severely affects the air and ground operations. Away from their family: Many soldiers are affected by nostalgic disorders as they are completely detached from their family for a long time. When a soldier returns to his home after war, their families are filled with joy. When the day comes for the soldier to go for a war, their families are filled with darkness. A soldier faces both extremes sorrow and joy by his family. He leaves the love and affection to his family members and takes the courage as a riffle and goes for war with a brave heart. Threats of the enemies: Every soldier is a target for their enemies. The terrorists make a perfect plan to destroy the troops of the soldiers. Every day they are facing serious threats by their enemies through bomb explosions and serial blasts. The life of a soldier is like facing death every single second. A brave hearts lives brave even in the graveyard. The missed festival celebrations: There is no discrimination among the soldier’s troops as they are one family celebrating all festivals together in war and battles among their war mates, but except their families. It is very hard for a soldier to spend time and celebrate festivals with their families. The festivals gets completed only after sharing our wishes and love to all our family members, but the life of a soldier and his family are always been unfulfilled. He sacrifices his entire happine

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