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Global health governance and lessons learned from Ebola

In 2-3 sentences, describe global health governance and why it is important in disease transmission.
Describe 2 missteps of WHO in handling Ebola and please cite your sources.
Now, think about how COVID-19 is being handled. Has WHO learned it’s lesson from Ebola in handling COVID-19? Why or why not? (Links to an external site.)
Based on what you have learned about global health governance and COVID-19, does the US response to COVID-19 (Links to an external site.) align with the principles of global health governance? If you were a key player in global health, such as the President or the Secretary of State, discuss two things that you would have either done differently or kept the same in handling COVID-19, and your justification for either making these changes or supporting what has been done. Hint: think about how the US is now handling vaccine distribution worldwide in relation to global health governance.
Respond to ONE classmate on their assessment of #4

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Recent social care policy in the UK has focused on sustainable funding of the social care system across the four nations of the UK. Debates over the sustainable funding of a system to support older and disabled adults and their carers are not new, nor unique to the UK. Across the developed world, states are grappling with the implications of various demographic, social and economic shifts including a significant increase in female workforce participation, a fall in fertility rates and the extension of mortality accompanied by related age-related disability and disease. A growing demand for care is one as a result of these shifts, and the fair financing of a system to accommodate this demand has become a central issue for the UK’s governments and governments worldwide. These demands are increasing while funding available to local authorities (with a statutory responsibility for delivering, or purchasing care) has been falling for almost a decade, following the 2008 financial crash and resulting shortfall in government revenue. The central questions involved in funding reform are: • What is the right balance between individual and collective contribution? • What level and quality of service is appropriate? • What is the right balance between means-tested, universal and contributory benefits? UK governments of various compositions have launched a number of policy initiatives over the past 20 years that attempt to provide answers to these questions and to find a level of consensus around them. The debates around the funding and related composition of the social care system have inevitably been politically fractious and have prevented significant action by UK governments, while the divergence in funding systems with the devolved administrations has largely come from partial adoption of UK-wide commission and report recommendations. The Blair-led Labour government established a royal commission in 1997 that published its report ‘With Respect to Old Age’ in 1999. Published in two parts, the report reflects the split among the commissions membership on a way forward. The majority recommendation was for the state to arrange for personal care to be free, while the minority report argued that this recommendation was unaffordable. In Scotland, the devolved Labour/Lib

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