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Health informatics

Why have you decided to pursue graduate studies in health informatics?
How will this program help you to achieve your goals and contribute to the field?
Why have you selected the UIC health informatics graduate program?
What value and skills do you bring to the program both as a student and in the future, as an alumnus/a? Explain and provide examples.
Are there any gaps, irregularities or discrepancies in your academic or work record that you should explain?
How will you modify your current professional and personal responsibilities with your academic responsibilities in terms of organizing and managing the time necessary to fulfill performance expectations for graduate-level education? Explain your plan.
What is your experience with online training or online education?

Sample Solution

with learning disabilities and mental health difficulties (Williams, 2017) are most vulnerable. This creates a cycle of victimisation and offending for women affected by domestic abuse. For example, there are often strong links between coercion of family members and the criminality of many Muslim women in prison, with women reporting that the consequences of being ostracised or even becoming a victim of ‘honour-based abuse/killing’ were used as blackmail (Cited in Williams, 2017). It is evident in other countries that are considered more sexually repressive – such as Pakistan and Iran where there is an abnormally high rate of suicide amongst Muslim women in prison – which could show the impact of controlling and abusive behaviour towards women (Othmani, 2008). Furthermore, victims of domestic abuse who have children, avoid disclosing abuse as there is a fear of losing their children to the care system. Baroness Hale has suggested that; “Many women still define themselves and are defined by others by their role in the family. It is an important component in our sense of identity and self-esteem. To become a prisoner is almost by definition to become a bad mother. If she has a husband or partner, then again almost by definition she will become a bad wife or partner. Separating her from her family is for many the equivalent of separating a man from his job.” (Cited in Corston, 2007: p20). Carlen supports this statement by suggesting that society believes women who are incarcerated have offended society and the criminal law and have also tarnished ideals around women’s roles and femininity (Carlen, 1983). Corston (2007) further agrees, arguing that men generally tend to cope better with prison life. Imprisonment is attributed as an ‘interruption’ in their lives, while for women; it feels more permanent, for example the loss of their children and their home. Crewe’s (2017) research into the gendered pains of life imprisonment discovered that losing contact with family and friends and the loss of the mother role was described as ‘one of the most traumatic aspects of their imprisonment’ (Cited in Crewe, 2017: p10). Many women in prison or in remand will be primary caregivers, a Home Office study in 1997

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