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Healthy Dynamics

It is important to have a clear view of where a company wants to be in the future. Healthy Dynamics wants to increase company revenue, decrease risk, increase customer satisfaction, and possibly add new services (goals) to the wellness programs they offer. As the strategic planning manager, you are tasked with determining what the company must do to get there (strategy) and what direction they must take to accomplish these goals (objective). The CEO has asked you to review the mission statement you developed in module 02 and create a flowchart defining the goals and objectives to ensure they are clear, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely (SMART) for the company.

Create a flowchart that includes:

Your mission statement
Describe what you specifically want to accomplish
Identify how you will measure the accomplishment
Define how you will achieve the goal
Explain how this goal is relevant to what you want to accomplish
Create a timeline for achieving the goals

Sample Solution

A governess arrives at an estate called Bly to take care of two children named Miles and Flora. She suspects that the children are having interaction with Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, two individuals who are preconceived as ghosts in the novel; she’s highly attentive to the children’s actions. Freytag’s Pyramid List any parallel or recurring events you see A recurring event that is evident in the book is the concept of hubris which is known as excessive pride or self-confidence. The governess relies on her hubris in order to dictate the fate of the children and the validity of the haunted house. She consistently believes her suspicions to be true and she stands by her preconceived notions about what will happen to the children as they continue to be in the presence of the ghosts of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel. See if you can make a connection between this work and another story with similar plot line or similar characters, etc. Turn of the Screw is similar to The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. In The Raven, the narrator hears tapping on his door and tells himself that it is simply a late night visitor. However, when he opens the door, he only hears the word “Lenore,” which is a reference to the name of his wife who he lost. A raven arrives speaking of the words “Nevermore.” His lack of understanding of what all this means causes the narrator to experience an irrational behavior including where he believes that he is becoming mentally insane. This connects to this book’s plotline because the governess was also unable to fully interpret the message that she was supposed to receive from the appearance of the ghosts before her. It affected her mentally which led to her to sometimes have ludicrous conversations with the Mrs. Grose about the children and their interactions with the ghost. About the conclusion–was it a satisfactory ending to the work? Why/why not? If not, how would you have ended the work, and why? The conclusion was not a satisfactory ending to the work. The plotline took a long time to develop causing the ending to feel completely rushed and abrupt to readers. In addition, through the plot, readers would have developed questions about the plot that should have been answered in the conclusion. However, a majority was left unanswered and the unsatisfactory ending had actually raised new questions. When Miles died in the governess’s arms after seeing Peter Quint, the author just ended abruptly with the death and did not conclude with any further explanations regarding what happened with Mrs. Grose and Flora as well as the feelings of the governess after the death. The plot should h

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