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The development of a serial killer comes directly from their childhood experiences. Most serial killers display at least one of the “Homicide Triads,” adolescent bed-wetting, arson or sadistic activity. This connection between serial killers as youngsters supports the theory that childhood experiences lead directly to psychopathic behavior of a serial killer (Horse, 2001, 2). Parents and other role models need to look out for these symptoms and get psychiatric help for their children. Crimes as youngsters should not only be punished, but also analyzed by a professional for the deeper reasoning behind their behavior. Too much daydreaming as a child, especially those of sexual or violent nature is used to escape the realities of life. Relatives, teachers, and friends should be more involved in the child’s life so that the child does not have as much time to daydream (Horse, 3). The adults should become more involved in the child’s life so that they could realize that their child has a problem and seek professional help before the problem progresses any further. Child abuse scars a child and causes hate towards others to develop. The pain afflicted upon serial killers as children sexually, emotionally, and physically, causes them to take vengeance out on others for their troubled childhood. If people in he community take action and report child abuse instead of not getting involved, the hatred developed from the abuse might stop, and allow the child a chance at regaining a normal life. For the most part the childhood of serial killers paints a little picture of the causes of serial killers. There are also theories, hypothesis, and approaches to why these serial killers murder people the way they do. Most of these theories have something to do with child abuse, but they are different development and psychological approaches to serial murder. In the following pages, there are different beliefs of why serial killers kill. As we all know science is always experimenting and the following pages should not be taken as fact. The psychodynamic theory has a few different views. One view invoke

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