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How material values influence our relationships with other

Answer the questions below. If you use ideas from the textbook or another resource, be sure to give credit to the author! Include the name of the author, title
of the resource, and publication date (if available) underneath the section where you used the information.
The proper APA style reference for our textbook is: Enger & Smith. (2022). Environmental science: A study of interrelationships (16th ed.). McGraw-Hill.
How are the products and resources we consume actually produced?
What are the impacts of that process of production on the environment, on society, and on individuals?
What are the impacts of certain forms of consumption on the environment, on society, and on individuals?
What is a necessity and what is a luxury?
Businesses and advertisers are major engines in promoting the consumption of products so that they may survive. How much of what we consume is
influenced by their needs versus our needs?
How do material values influence our relationships with other

Sample Solution

based in the Netherlands. It is a furniture retailer and aims to give its customers designed products at competitive prices all the while ensuring high quality and functionality while showing the respect for the environment. IKEA has promised to decrease the emission of air pollutants. In fact it has partnered with WWF and provided 150 shops with solar panels. At the same time, IKEA has also partnered with UNICEF so support charity foundations like Save the Children. (IKEA, 2012) 4. Argentina, its location and areas Land Area of Argentina is 2780,400 km2 and water percentage is 1.57%. The population estimated is 43 million and 85 thousand. The currency used is Peso and the national language spoken is Spanish. (Anon., 2018) The geography of Argentina is diverse but is divided into a few major regions; the Andes, the North, the Pampas and Patagonia. Argentina is bordered with Bolivia and Paraguay at north, Chile at the south and west and Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean borders it at the east. The Atlantic Ocean forms a coastline of 2900 miles. The four regions are grouped geographically since Argentina has the shape of an inverted triangle. Andean region is further divided into the Northwest and the Patagonian Andes. Patagonian Andes is connected to the Patagonia region which has a dry, cold, windy weather most of the times. Pampas are the central part consisting of plains and grasslands and this is also further divided into a western Dry Pampa and eastern Humid Pampa. The North has two divisions; the Gran Chaco and Mesopotamia (Calvert, et al., 2018).

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