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In the following video you need to watch the 45 minute video. The video from 2003 is an interview with serial killer and mob hit man Richard Kuklinski and psychiatrist Park Dietz. When you watch the video do more than listed to the answers. Watch Kuklinski’s reactions (or lack of) to the questions. You should also close examine the words he uses and his emotions (or lack of). I have seen this video close to 100 times and have never not been fascinated by it. I also see something different each time. You will need to compare this video to what you read in Chapter Seven and Chapter Two. (PowerPoints are in files) You need to reference the textbook only at least four times. You only need to mention the video by name.

Title: The Iceman Tapes Dr Park Dietz evaluates and interviews Richard The Iceman Kuklinski

Discuss and critically evaluate the relationship between what you see in the “Iceman” with sections of the text. Your paper should draw a relationship between what you see in the video with what you have read in the text. You must explain what you’re quoting instead of merely citing text. In other words you must ground the text in some aspect of the video. You may use any part of the text. You may also use information as provided in the video or make your own assumptions based on demeanor, lack of affect etc.
Specifically address the following:

According Hare’s typology which of the three types of psychopaths would you consider Kuklinski? Substantiate your claim based on your behavioral observations.
What actions did Kuklinski do in his crimes to lead one to believe he is a psychopath? What Behavioral Descriptions from the text did he exhibit during the interview? The book also discovers other traits of psychopaths explain the ones you saw in the interview.
What were the possible early signs of psychopathic behavior in Kuklinski (See Chapter Two- Conduct Disorders too)?
At one point the psychiatrist gets Kuklinski mad at him. What does that tell you about one possible causation of psychopathy?
Reflect on his parenting versus yours – How far out of the realm was parenting in the Kuklinski household?
The book notes that psychopathic behavior has a biological component. It talks about different theories of the brain. At times Kuklinski provides behavioral cues about possible biological deficiencies. Explain at least two of those times you see Kuklinski display signs of a possible biological problem based on how he describes his behavior.

Sample Solution

es in a society governed by misogynistic beliefs allows for powerful female characters to afford their liberty that they otherwise do not have. The substantial extent to which the representations of gender through dominant female and male characters ultimately allows for the sedition and critique of gender throughout the human experience within my texts in compelling ways. During the Renaissance, Queen Elizabeth had ruled the monarchy which had ultimately gave William Shakespeare the opportunity to subvert gender roles as they were being subverted in real life. Through textual form Shakespeare is able to critique these subversions and not face the consequences as he was able to portray these views in a subtle manner through the changing of literary worlds, from England to Venice and use humour so that his audience would accept it. The way in which Shakespeare chooses to represent Portia as a dominant and powerful female character, is ironic in the way that he challenges the notion of gender and allows for Portia to ‘save’ Antonio from the court, however the way in which Portia must disguise herself as a man to do so conveys the impression that women were believed to not have the capability to do so as they were too profound with emotion, through dressing as a male only then is her opinion warranted. Although Portia believes “God made him and therefore let him pass as a man,” she does know “it is a sin to be a mocker,” therefore through the use of religious allusion Shakespeare highlights the extent to which Portia and Nerissa will meet in order to afford their liberty and independence as a man that women do not have and support Antonio. The notion of the liberty and freedom of movement is opposed however, through the notion of Filial Piety in which Portia is “… curbed by the will of a dead father”. The tone in which Portia speaks of her father is rather vindictive as she almost resents her father for the limitations he has set on her, even after his passing. This outlines the influence and authority men had over women and the duty to the father that had governed the Renaissance period, afflicting their human experience through the injustice they experienced as a result. Towards the end of the play, after these dominant women characters portray their power and capabilities when given the opportunities, they fool the men into handing over their ‘Vehement’ oaths of the ring. This sparks ‘gender wars’ throughout the play and is significantly emphasised as the men “…think we are accomplished with that we lack”. Through the use of an allegory to highlight the injustice of women as ‘depende

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