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Importance of formulating your brief

Kirk (2019) notes the importance of formulating your brief. What does he mean by this? Please expand this thought by noting how you would create a vision for your work. Note any real-world examples to expand upon this thought.


ch. 2 & 3 in textbook: The Visualization Design Process & Formulating Your Brief
Sinenko, P. (2019). Automation of visualization process for organizational and technological design solutions. MATEC Web of Conferences, 270, 5008–.

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e development of globalisation has somewhat been also encouraged by a collection of cultures. For example, St Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. Yet in this day and age it is now celebrated by many other nationalities. Individuals from the UK, US and Australia also celebrate St. Patricks Day this could be due to the fact that many Irish have emigrated to other parts of the world but the main concern is that other parts of the world are more accepting and understanding of other cultures which assists with the integration of nations. * Travel- increased international trade encourages the acceptance of other cultures. Travel makes it much easier for trialling with diverse types of food language and customs. Disadvantages of globalisation With advantages come disadvantages too. Globalisation can have negative effects and threats on nations. Firstly, the constant boosting flow of skilled to non-skilled jobs from developed to undeveloped nations as large organisations seem to be searching for the cheapest labour available. Secondly larger can have more of an influence when it comes to decision making which leave smaller poorer countries without a say; no equal opportunities. Trade restrictions In economics the law of comparative advantage states that economics should specialise in the goods that they are comparatively better at producing (Economic for business, 2007). Comparative advantage and the gains from trade are very influential arguments and provided many governments with a reasonable motive for freer international trade; a problem with comparative is that it raises economic output for the world which does not necessarily make improvements in the economic state of individual nations. E.g. In trading with the UK, if Germany decided to abandon car manufacturing and began to focus more on the production of T.Vs employees from the car manufacturing will be left jobless and will not be skilled in the area for manufacturing T.Vs so in this case German car makers will not find app

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