industry organization

industry organization

Project description
the following part is the copy of requirement of this report

You are to select an industry on which the assignment will be based. Each student should select a different industry. You can then to prepare a report on industry that answers the following questions.

a)Identify the key features of structure, conduct and performance in the industry. To what extent does S-C-P(structure, conduct and performance) paradigm provide a valid explanation of the conduct and performance in the industry ?

b)Examine ways in which new and existing firms attempt to enter the industry and to expand. What barriers to entry and mobility exist and how do firms overcome them?

c)In light of the answer above, which approach(es) provide the most valid insight into how markets develop over time?

You report will be assessed according to the following criteria:

1.Understanding of topic.
Prepare use of theoretical ideas to guide the analysis of actual circumstances and events. Ability to compare and contrast different opinions. Evidence of an informed decision about what areas to concentrate. On in the report and which are the key arguments

2.Depth of analysis and evidence.
Ability to go beyond mere description and build a reasoned case for or against S-C-P being satisfactory framework. Quantity and quality of evidence underpinning major points/conclusions. Ability to identify and assess potential alternative scenarios e.g. competitive versus anti-competitive explanations of firm behaviors.

3.Writing and communication skills
Logical sequence to essay. Proper introduction and conclusion. Clear tables, diagrams and referencing. Good use of English and fluent style. Ability to argue to reasoned conclusions regarding the adequacy of the theoretical frameworks you draw on.

here is what i want
I need you help me to write a report please! I chose the mobile phone industry which focus on British market. And there should be some table and diagrams in report. And please
answer the first question in 3 parts( that’s mean the answer of first question in report will consist of structure part, conduct part, performance part separately). Most important, please answer the all 3 questions and try to satisfy the 3 assessment criteria please. thank you very much !

Referencing Requirements:
at least 12 reference required please


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