Information habits as a student and a professional


In the Introductions Forum, you shared a little bit about how you find and share information in your life. For this written assignment, dig a little more deeply and reflect on your information habits as a student and a professional, as well as in your personal life.
In a short reflection essay, respond to the following questions:
Where do you start a search for information? Does your searching differ depending on whether your needs are professional, academic, or personal? Explain.
Is there a form of information you’re likely to trust at first glance? Either a publication like a newspaper or a format like a scholarly article?
Can you think of some voices that aren’t present in that source of information?
Where might you look to find some other perspectives?
Is there a source you are least likely to trust at first glance? Why?
Think about the purpose that drives the creation of different types of information (newspaper articles, explainer videos, etc.). How might the purpose influence the reliability of the information?
What was the last thing you researched that you were really excited about? Do you struggle when you are asked to “research something that interests you”? (Instead, try asking yourself, “What makes me really angry?” You might find you have more interests than you realized!)
What are three things you hope to get out of this course to improve your information literacy skills?



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