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Information Systems

Research and compare two significant international laws that relate to the practice of information security. What are the pros and cons of these laws? How are these laws relevant for today? Document your sources.

What are some challenges and associating methods used to protect against cybercrime today? Will these methods be relevant in the future? Why or why not? Support your answer using literature support. include intext citation.

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at the genesis of a great man depends on the long series of complex influences which has produced the race in which he appears, and the social state into which that race has slowly grown….Before he can remake his society, his society must make him.” There is evidence to support for and against the great man theory. The suggestion that some people are natural leaders and therefore must have been born with some of the traits that make a good leader. However, individuals can learn and develop traits that will make them a good leader. Being self-aware and education goes somewhat to developing an individual. Herbert Spencer’s theory supports the idea that the situation and group characteristic are a key element of good leadership. Stogdill first survey indicated that an individual does not become a leader solely because he or she possesses certain traits. Rather, the traits that leaders possess must be relevant to the situation in which the leader is functioning or found them self in . In today’s society leadership is in general, not a standalone individual. The leader is supported by a team of advisors to guide the leader in making an informed decision. What makes a good leader is how the decision is communicated to the followers. As we have heard earlier in the paper, Charles de Gaulle was brought up in a patriotic environment. His upbringing shaped his beliefs and his determination to peruse them. Therefore he was not born patriotic, this was learned in adolescence. We have heard that he was intellectual, again a consequence of his upbringing. Encouraged to learn, he followed his mother’s desire to read and digest information. These basic foundations set de Gaulle up in to continue this later on in his military and political career. Trait Theory Analysis The trait theory is intuitively appealing. It fits clearly with the notion that leaders are the individuals who are out front and leading the way in our society. This fits with the concept of a hierarchical organisation that is seen in businesses, to include government, where most countries have an elected or appointed leader. However, it could be argued that elected or appointed leaders are not necessarily good leaders and they are not necessary elected for the traits they display. Therefore not all leaders will display traits that are linked to good leadership. There is century’s worth of research into the trait theory and no other theory can boast of the breadth and depth of the studies conducted, which are continued up to the present day. This has to be a strong indicator that there is something in this theory. The theory is leader-centric and highlights the leader component in the leadership process. This could also be seen as a weakness because as proven in more recent theorie

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