Information systems

Answer the following questions associated with information systems at your organization

What technologies do you have in place for collecting, analyzing, retrieving, storage, and relaying information? Tell me about the steps involved.

Let us assume that that the organization proposes a new technology that affects your department, how do you update your skills to conform to this new


Which protocol do you follow to implement the change to avoid loss of data? What would probably go wrong is that procedure is not adhered to?

Who is involved in the process of implementing the technology change? What are the roles of the ones involved?

Tell me about the key challenges and risks pertaining to a technology change in the IT department.

What are the anticipated impacts of a technology change?

Describe briefly the pros and cons associated with this process.

Let us assume that the previous database was built in MySQL. The new technology requires the database to be in Microsoft SQL Server. How do you transfer the

database from MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server?

What is the expected timeline of a technology change in your department?

What are some of the regulatory and compliance concerns that have to be addressed during the process?

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