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Congratulations, you are enjoying a considerable amount of success now that your business case and project charter are approved. It is now time to write the project scope statement and create a work breakdown structure (WBS).

There are two Course Project deliverables due this week.

Project scope statement: Using the information established in the project charter and additional research, create the project scope statement in Microsoft Word. Review the Scope Statement Sample in the Project Document Samples Section. The scope statement should have the following components (see video for explanations):
Product scope description
Project exclusions
Acceptance criteria
(WBS). The WBS helps to break down the project into smaller more manageable pieces (work package or individual activities). After you complete the WBS, you can begin planning your scheduling the activities. Therefore, it is important that you work to complete the WBS activity. Review the WBS Sample in the Project Document Samples Section and create the WBS in Excel or Word as noted below.

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