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Information Technology Question

Prepare a 3-5-page, APA formatted written report in response to the Spring Street Company (SSC) scenario posed in the Analyze and Decide section on page 97 of the textbook (your page numbers might vary). Your report should address these three (3) questions:

How should SSC prepare for an Electronic Records Management (ERM) System if it decides to implement one?
Using the data collected by Sam,
create a spread- sheet that calculates the costs of handling paper at SSC based on average hourly rates per employee of $28.
Add the cost of lost documents to this. Then,
add the costs of warehousing the paper, which increases by 10 percent every month due to increases in volume. Present the results showing both monthly totals and a yearly total.
Prepare graphs so that Sam can easily identify the projected growth in warehousing costs over the next three years.
How can ERM also serve as a disaster recovery system in case of fire, flood, natural disaster, or break-in?

Sample Solution

Lolita’s suffering. Similarly, frequent addresses to the jury throughout the text imply the central issue of Humbert’s guilt, seen through the phrases ‘winged gentlemen of the jury’ and ‘ladies and gentlemen of the jury’, which put the narrator in a position to be judged and allow him to familiarise himself with the reader in order to seek sympathy. Therefore, it is evident that direct addresses to his readership enable Nabokov to encourage them to accept and sympathise with his monstrous male hero. In addition to this, it may be argued that the reader is encouraged to accept Nabokov’s monstrous narrator due to Humbert’s mystified and deluded depiction of himself, which prevents the reader from being able to acknowledge his true character and is instead only able to accept the fraudulent identities he creates for himself. Throughout Lolita, the autodiegetic narrator elevates his own status in order to defend his unusual attraction, referring to himself as a ‘comic, clumsy, wavering Prince Charming’ to further the illusion of the paedophilic narrator as the hero of the text, while the reference to ‘Prince Charming’ romanticises and idealises his character. Further, Nabokov’s use of the alliterative adjectives ‘comic’, ‘clumsy’ juxtapose the perfection of the ‘prince’, enhancing the deluded and contrasting portrayal of Humbert. The frequent references to the ‘Enchanted Hunter’ imply a mystical and ethereal nature to the narrator, suggesting his illusive character, while ‘hunter’ reflects a power and possession equal to that of the ‘prince’, showing the contrasting nature of his depiction. As well as this, transitions between English and French when describing the narrator are used by Nabokov to create a sense of confusion, with the line ‘I was and still am, despite mes malheurs, an exceptionally handsome male’ a clear attempt by Humbert to disguise his flaws with his shift in language, ending ultimately in a contradictory depiction of a flawed yet perfect being, which clearly implies his juxtaposing character. Such a view is furthered by the six variants of the narrator’s name during his encounter with Miss Cormorant, ‘Mr. Humbird’, ‘Dr. Humburg’, ‘Mr Humberson’, suggesting the elusive nature of Humbert and his lack of a consistent identity. In addressing him with several differing names, Nabokov clearly implies the mystical nature of his narrator, supporting the view that he encourages the reader to a

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