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Journal Entries And Financial Statement

Tony and Suzie graduate from college in May 2021 and begin…

Tony and Suzie graduate from college in May 2021 and begin developing their new business. They begin by offering clinics for basic outdoor activities such as mountain biking or kayaking. Upon developing a customer base, they’ll hold their first adventure races. These races will involve four-person teams that race from one checkpoint to the next using a combination of kayaking, mountain biking, orienteering, and trail running. In the long run, they plan to sell outdoor gear and develop a ropes course for outdoor enthusiasts.

On July 1, 2021, Tony and Suzie organize their new company as a corporation, Great Adventures Inc. The articles of incorporation state that the corporation will sell 39,000 shares of common stock for $1 each. Each share of stock represents a unit of ownership. Tony and Suzie will act as co-presidents of the company. The following transactions occur from July 1 through December 31.

Jul. 1 Sell $19,500 of common stock to Suzie.

Jul. 1 Sell $19,500 of common stock to Tony

.Jul. 1 Purchase a one-year insurance policy for $5,640 ($470 per month) to cover injuries to participants during outdoor clinics.

Jul. 2 Pay legal fees of $1,100 associated with incorporation.

Jul. 4 Purchase office supplies of $1,200 on account.

Jul. 7 Pay for advertising of $290 to a local newspaper for an upcoming mountain biking clinic to be held on July 15. Attendees will be charged $50 on the day of the clinic.

Jul. 8 Purchase 10 mountain bikes, paying $16,200 cash.

Jul. 15 On the day of the clinic, Great Adventures receives cash of $2,000 from 40 bikers. Tony conducts the mountain biking clinic.

Jul. 22 Because of the success of the first mountain biking clinic, Tony holds another mountain biking clinic and the company receives $2,500.

Jul. 24 Pay $730 to a local radio station for advertising to appear immediately. A kayaking clinic will be held on August 10, and attendees can pay $150 in advance or $200 on the day of the clinic.

Jul. 30 Great Adventures receives cash of $9,000 in advance from 60 kayakers for the upcoming kayak clinic.

Aug. 1 Great Adventures obtains a $46,000 low-interest loan for the company from the city council, which has recently passed an initiative encouraging business development related to outdoor activities. The loan is due in three years, and 6% annual interest is due each year on July 31.

Aug. 4 The company purchases 14 kayaks, paying $26,600 cash.Aug. 10 Twenty additional kayakers pay $4,000 ($200 each), in addition to the $9,000 that was paid in advance on July 30, on the day of the clinic. Tony conducts the first kayak clinic.

Aug. 17 Tony conducts a second kayak clinic, and the company receives $11,100 cash.

Aug. 24 Office supplies of $1,200 purchased on July 4 are paid in full.Sep. 1 To provide better storage of mountain bikes and kayaks when not in use, the company rents a storage shed for one year, paying $4,560 ($380 per month) in advance.

Sep. 21 Tony conducts a rock-climbing clinic. The company receives $14,900 cash.Oct. 17 Tony conducts an orienteering clinic. Participants practice how to understand a topographical map, read an altimeter, use a compass, and orient through heavily wooded areas. The company receives $18,400 cash.Dec. 1 Tony decides to hold the company’s first adventure race on December 15. Four-person teams will race from checkpoint to checkpoint using a combination of mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering, trail running, and rock-climbing skills. The first team in each category to complete checkpoints in order wins. The entry fee for each team is $540.

Dec. 5 To help organize and promote the race, Tony hires his college roommate, Victor. Victor will be paid $60 in salary for each team that competes in the race. His salary will be paid after the race.

Dec. 8 The company pays $1,000 to purchase a permit from a state park where the race will be held. The amount is recorded as a miscellaneous expense.

Dec. 12 The company purchases racing supplies for $2,400 on account due in 30 days. Supplies include trophies for the top-finishing teams in each category, promotional shirts, snack foods and drinks for participants, and field markers to prepare the racecourse.

Dec. 15 The company receives $21,600 cash from a total of forty teams, and the race is held.

Dec. 16 The company pays Victor’s salary of $2,400.Dec.

31 The company pays a dividend of $3,400 ($1,700 to Tony and $1,700 to Suzie).Dec.

31 Using his personal money, Tony purchases a diamond ring for $4,500. Tony surprises Suzie by proposing that they get married. Suzie accepts and they get married!

The following information relates to year-end adjusting entries as of December 31, 2021.

Depreciation of the mountain bikes purchased on July 8 and kayaks purchased on August 4 totals $8,560.

Six months' of the one-year insurance policy purchased on July 1 has expired.

Four months of the one-year rental agreement purchased on September 1 has expired.

Of the $1,200 of office supplies purchased on July 4, $270 remains.

Interest expense on the $46,000 loan obtained from the city council on August 1 should be recorded.

Of the $2,400 of racing supplies purchased on December 12, $180 remains.

Suzie calculates that the company owes $14,800 in income taxes.

1- Prepare the journal entries for only these transactions.

Dec-31-Prepare the closing entry for revenue.

Dec-31-Prepare the closing entry for expenses.

2- Choose the appropriate accounts to be reported on the income statement. Select the ‘adjusted’ from the dropdown, which will then populate the balances in those accounts from the trial balance.

3- statement of shareholder equity

4- prepare the balance sheet.

Sample Solution

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