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Leadership and management

Research the following topics using Yukl (2013) text on Leadership in organization and as well as 8-10 other scholarly journal articles that you identify on your own. Write a research paper that covers the following topics in-depth and breadth spanning 2,700-3,500 words (8-10 pages).

  1. Leadership and management competencies in a variety of organizational settings.
  2. Classic and current trends in leadership and management theories and models.
  3. Systematic leadership/management approaches for addressing organizational culture and interpersonal factors such as motivation and performance.
  4. Alignment between an organization’s leadership, mission and values, organizational culture, and interpersonal factors.
    To conclude, write 3-5 paragraphs (in addition to the 8-10 pages) that describes in-depth what you have learned and how you can apply the leadership concepts to your current or future professional life.

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