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Leadership Style

By using a, personal/professional example, you will:

Identify your current leadership style

Choose which modern leadership style may be more effective in your workplace

State why

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Melody Melody can be defined as a set of successive and varied levels of musical sounds, which have some special sound and rhythmic sequences and relationships, create a sense of a musical unity that is appropriate to satisfy both the spirit and the sensitivity of its listener and is the core of the composition of a musical piece. The Counterpoint Listening to a single melody that is not accompanied by other organized cohabitation is the main feature of monophonic music, but the fact that two or more melodies can be combined to be heard at the same time is the main feature of polyphonic music. Counterpoint is a technique that allows one who knows to knit two or more melodies in a way that they can be heard at the same time. [Amarantos Amarantidis 1990] The Harmony Harmony exists when two different acoustic sounds come to life, they sound at the same time. In harmony, agreement and disagreement are presented with a fundamental attribute based on a relationship stability between the accompanying musical sounds. This stability, which in simple words is often described as a soft-hearted listening has its opposite, that is, described as a hard-offending sound. It is obvious that such crises are subjectively and vary according to culture and era. I.3. Music track Case of Fugue Fugue is one of the classic, old ways of composing and expresses a particular type of music. Composition doesn’t just lie in the counterpoint but follows a certain character with different parts that they look like the parts of a story (beginning-middle-end) but with more alternations. In general, Fugue is a kind of musical composition based entirely on the imitation technique. Its main difference from the other musical genres is that its main theme is presented in succession by all the combined voices, with a relatively symmetrical periodicity in various tonalities which are more or less predetermined in advance [Karl Nef, 1991]. Golden Section The structure of rhythm and harmony are based on proportions. These can be found in the progress of Fibonacci, which gives approaches to the golden section. Besides sorting the frequencies, the golden section has also been used at a more general level to achieve the compositional balance. Using the characteristics of φ (about 1.62), the composers adjusted the length o

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