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The /r/ phoneme in Ukrainian corresponds to how many phoneme(s) in Polish?
What are these Polish phoneme correspondences?
One of these sounds is conditioned to show up when it’s adjacent to a particular phoneme. Describe the condition for when this sound surfaces.
Identify one pair of words Polish borrowed from Ukrainian.
Explain why you chose this pair.
Bonus: Identify one pair of words that Ukrainian borrowed from Polish. Explain your solution.
English, German, French, Irish, Russian, Italian
Compare and contrast the differences in word order you observe between each of these languages and English?
Given all the data presented from the four languages, did English split one phoneme into two, or did Latin merge two phonemes into one?
Explain how you came to your answer.
Reconstruct the proto-sound for the first phoneme: /k/ or /ʃ/ ‘she’
Reconstruct the proto-sound for the second phoneme: /a/ or /ɛ/ ‘egg’
Reconstruct the proto-sound for the third phoneme: /p/, /b/, or /v/
Given the Latin name for the zodiac sign is Capricorn, explain why the reconstruction based solely on the forms in the majority of the descendant languages is wrong?
What is an alternative sound change principle at work here?

Sample Solution

As indicated by Investopedia, joblessness is a wonder that happens when an individual who is effectively looking for business can't look for some kind of employment. In other mean, they need to work yet nobody acknowledged them as a specialist. There are two classes of joblessness which is willful and automatic joblessness. Intentional joblessness can be allude to as an individual that has exited their profession readily. It very well may be because of search of other better employment. Then again, automatic joblessness allude to an individual that has been terminated or laid off and now should search for another activity. It isn't care for they need to be jobless, yet they are being terminated reluctantly and due to that it named automatic joblessness. There are five sort of joblessness in Malaysia. To begin with, patterned joblessness. It happen because of the business cycle itself. Business cycle characterized by Investopedia as the vacillation in a monetary action that an economy encounters over some undefined time frame. It occur during downturn periods and declining during financial development. Second, basic joblessness. It occur through mechanical refreshed. Individuals are jobless on the grounds that they unfit to work utilizing those development innovation. Or then again it can likewise because of the innovation itself supplant specialist in carrying out their responsibility. Third, frictional joblessness. It otherwise called inquiry joblessness, happens when laborers lose their present place of employment and are finding another. It is momentary joblessness on the grounds that once they secure new position, they will never again be jobless. Fourth, regular joblessness. It exists because of specific enterprises just deliver or circulate their items at specific occasions of the year. As model, cultivating ventures will just gather their item during natural product season. Malaysia joblessness pattern is expanding from year to year. It is increment by 0.4% contrast with October a year ago. It might be because of awful economy that we confronting now. All the more critically, the individuals who are jobless likewise incorporated an alumni which speak to 6/10 or 60% from absolute jobless individual. They are jobless much following half year they moved on from tertiary training. It is a significant issue on the grounds that despite the fact that they are work searcher with scholarly capability, no organization need to utilize them. Likewise, the most noteworthy alumni who is jobless originated from Public University which speak to 51%. The second most noteworthy jobless is move on from Private University which speak to 34%. In the interim the rest is move on from polytechnic and junior college which speak to 13% and 2% individually. Presently we can unmistakably observe that Public University graduate is the most noteworthy one who jobless. Here are some measurement finally page of the presentation. This issue is certifiably not a decent condition that we ought to overlook since it will prompt negative impact to the picture of tertiary training particularly Public University and furthermore the nation. Among the ramifications of jobless alumni are, To begin with, failure to meet money related obligations and essential necessities of life. As Asaju K., Arome S. and Anyio S.F. (2014) said the jobless people are typically incapable to gain cash to meet budgetary duties and the fundamental necessities of life. It is on the grounds that they have no activity so they incapable to win month to month salary that they have to meet money related obligations and the essential necessities of life. As model, when graduate is jobless they will be not able reimburse their instruction advance, for example, PTPTN. Nor Syazwani Ab. Rahim (2013) additionally express the expanding number of joblessness in a nation may build the expense of standard living. Second, can prompt wrongdoing movement. Tang, C. F. (2009) express that joblessness is decidedly identified with wrongdoing. Asaju, K. et al. (2014) likewise included that joblessness realizes across the board guiltiness, cultural ills and social indecencies, for example, hooliganism, equipped burglary and prostitution. Nor Syazwani Ab. Rahim, (2013) said that joblessness have given a significant job in clarifying the difference in wrongdoing rate. It is all since when individuals is jobless, they will have no pay from genuine exercises subsequently it can prompt inclusion in crimes because of their requirement for cash to take care of their expense of living particularly during this terrible economy. Third, high pace of destitution. A nation with high joblessness convey implies they are not utilizing the entirety of the accessible assets, particularly work and due to that joblessness occur. A nation can have higher yield if all accessible asset, for example, work, crude material were used effectively. It can prompts loss of potential yield in an economy when accessible asset not used proficiently. Also, during time of joblessness, there are probability the alumni can lose their aptitudes because of absence of training. In addition, it likewise can prompt high pace of destitution and moderate financial advancement. It is on the grounds that numerous individuals are jobless. Ariff, K. A. M. (1973) express that the joblessness is probably going to be not kidding danger to work power later on. It can likewise be allude to monetary of our nation. Figure 1: Unemployment rate ( Source: Trading Economics) Figure 2: Unemployment graduate rate (Source: EduAdvisor) Figure 3: Unemployment graduate rate by tertiary instruction (Source: EduAdvisor) Purpose behind PUBLIC UNIVERSITY GRADUATE UNEMPLOYED There are many explanation that lead to Public University graduate being jobless despite the fact that they have scholarly capability. Among the explanation they being jobless are, To start with, more to hypothetical than down to earth. Hypothetical here allude to hypothesis or certainty while down to earth here allude to movement rehearsed. As we as of now advise, Malaysian instruction depends on assessment situated and due to that Public University center around arrangement of hypothesis which allude to learning process in class so as to get ready understudy for assessment. They not concentrate more on commonsense which allude to rehearse what they have realized either in or outside of the class which will result to deficient practice or delicate ability. Furthermore, it can prompt alumni being jobless. In contrast to other tertiary instruction, they center around both hypothesis and reasonable. What's more, they additionally have instructional exercise session after class. As model, private college's business visionary understudy need to make and sell their item. At any rate thusly, they can pick up understanding on the best way to create their own item, improve existing item and find effective approach to sell their item. In rundown, they can understanding and execute what they have been realizing in their group so as to set themselves up for work world later on. It is on the grounds that business these days take a gander at scholarly execution as well as expertise the alumni have. As Holmes, An., and Miller, S. (2000) stated, businesses are currently searching for graduate with scholarly abilities, yet in addition built up the key aptitudes that will empower a fruitful and quick change from instruction into work. It is all because of lion's share graduate these days have superb scholastic outcome or execution yet absence of delicate expertise. Shockingly, state funded college more spotlight on hypothesis than handy. Along these lines, state funded college need to adjust up hypothesis and reasonable in a similar time while understudy still in grounds before they graduate so they at any rate have understanding on what they should do when they work later on.

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