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Madison Community Hospital Addresses Infection Prevention

What are some of the issues associated with caregivers sanitizing their hands? Why do you suppose only 40 percent of caregivers sanitize their hands? What other department personnel, besides nursing, may need to enter a patient’s room during his/her stay?
Who should be on this task force to represent which hospital functions and why? To whom should the task force report its results and why?
How would the problem look different if it turned out only a handful of personnel were noncompliant? How would this affect the improvement process?

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by herself. However, the governess responds to her experiences at Bly by taking on, even more, responsibility like burying the headmaster’s letter and keep Miles at home; to be the one who sees the ghosts rather than the children and who attempts to screen them from any exposure to the ghosts; and to save the children from the ghosts’ corrupting influence. These decisions are all self-conscious and she wasn’t forced to make them because she couldn’t think of another way to respond. Instead, she deliberately chooses to view these challenges as “magnificent” opportunities to please the master and deludes herself into thinking that the master recognizes her sacrifices. Clearly, she is misguided on both counts. Being a hero is harder than it looks: In The Turn of the Screw, this theme is demonstrated by the governess’ avid attempts to protect the children from the “ghosts,” but she only makes the situation worse by causing unnecessary grief in the children and Mrs. Grose. A more specific example is that in the final scene of the novel, the governess tries to warn Miles of Peter Quint’s ghost but her panic causes Miles to become overwhelmed and die. When Flora gets sick, she was forced to leave the estate and vowed to never speak to the governess again. Whether or not the governess was correct in thinking that the children were being haunted, she was definitely wrong in thinking she could be the hero who saves them. The fact that the governess was misguided in adopting a heroic stance suggests several interpretations. One possibility is that the forces of corruption are too powerful for one person to oppose. Perhaps the governess could have succeeded only with the united efforts of the school and the uncle, and perhaps the children could not have been saved. Another possible reason why her heroism might have been inappropriate is that childhood and innocence may be too fragile to be protected in such an aggressive fashion. The governess’s attempt to protect the children may have been more damaging than the knowledge from which she wanted to protect them. What are the moral and ethical problems explored in the story? One of the moral problems of the story is the contrast between good vs. evil. When the Governess just meets the Miles, she instantly notices his beauty and sees him as an innocent little boy. The

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