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Marketing Strategy and consumer behavior.

1, Do you believe Americans concern for the environment is a stronger value than their materialism? What ethical issues do you see relating to green marketing?

Provide with some real-life examples. Provide your explanations and definitions in detail and be precise. Comment on your findings. Provide references for content when necessary. Provide your work in detail and explain in your own words. Support your statements with peer-reviewed in-text citation(s) and reference(s).

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Sonnets of Seduction People are frequently censured for being enticed via vehicles and casualties. This reason is likewise reflected in Alfred Tennyson's "Lotos Eaters" and "The Lady of Shalott". These character are additionally survivors of enticement from outer powers. We make a parity on the subject of sexual orientation and utilize a retreat as a device to explain the difference among people. In particular, both character bunches deserted their normal life them, twisted around to another den, depicted the self-destructive inclination, and always surrendered the difficulties of their past lives . There are numerous likenesses between the sonnets of the two stories "cousin Kate" and "allurement" For instance, verse depends on affection and female maltreatment. Be that as it may, these two sonnets are likewise totally different in certain regards. For instance, the response to adore is diverse in verse. Since 'Cousin Kate' was made in the 1860 's and' The Seduction 'was made in the 1970' s, these sonnets are isolated by a hundred years. Thus, there are numerous contrasts between them. The distinction in time adds to the language wherein the artist is composed. This sonnet can be portrayed as a charming verse of enticement. Various sonnets spread this subject, and it is utilized legitimately to allure stories that have just occurred. A few people wear sentimental analogy, others cause aggravation and obscure the perusers. The allurement utilized by Christopher Marlow's "enthusiastic shepherds love him" passes on an appealing angle. Squires must offer significant things to friends and family, else they don't should be enticed. "Enthusiastic shepherds love him," and the sweetheart gives an anecdotal life to his adoration. There is no clue that nature is absolutely magnificent to make peaceful dream. The citation clarifies this, "I will make you a rose bed and a thousand fragrant verse." This sonnet utilizes this honorable condition of nature to exemplify love of a friend or family member, however I can not trust it soundly. His verse pulls in youngsters' considerations

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