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Mutual funds pool assets

Mutual funds pool assets of individual investors—including retirement funds managed by state or municipal entities or other large institutional investors—to purchase shares in a collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities. A portfolio manager typically oversees mutual funds. Mutual funds can also be structured and listed as stocks to professional traders’ desires to trade mutual funds with the same ease as they trade stocks to allow purchasers the diversification of a mutual fund plus the flexibility of a stock.

In your role as a portfolio manager with Vantage Point Mutual Fund (a fictitious entity), you are concerned with economic conditions you believe may generate distress among firms in which the fund has invested. You have noticed an increase in loan modification requests, bankruptcy filings, and a rise in unemployment claims due to generate falls in consumer and investment spending.

You have initiated a review of each firm in your portfolio. You supervise a team of investment analysts. Each team member, including yourself, will choose one of these to review. Team members (including you) will research the economic firms in your portfolio to determine whether the investment value is expected to increase. Your team will proactively engage with clients to offer suggestions for improvement.

Your microeconomics study provides you with the tools, models, and concepts to understand consumer choices in the marketplace. Consumer preferences, price, income elasticity, and other determinants of demand offer firms clues regarding resource allocation. Leveraging these tools will allow you to assess the operation of a focus firm and suggest strategies for future success.

Assume that you are reviewing a firm within the portfolio of firms you oversee on behalf of your employer, Vantage Point Mutual Fund. Select a publicly traded firm currently operating in the U.S. market. Select a small to mid-cap firm listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Links to an external site.). Review the firm’s financial information found in its most recent Quarterly Report (10-Q) published electronically on the firm’s website or the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) EDGAR Database (Links to an external site.). For most companies, this information can be accessed by browsing the “investor relations section,” where you will be able to find the financial statements, including, in this case, the 10-Q (and the 10-K for more details).

Using the latest 10-Q and the corresponding 10-Q from the previous year, your task is to produce a Microeconomic Analysis and Recommendation with a recommended maximum of 2,200 words (tables/graphs not included) appraising the economic viability of the firm you selected for review. Employ the following microeconomic tools to explain and predict the implications of trends:

Section A: Microeconomic Analysis of Firm

-Company overview and firm-specific risks (max 200 words) [10 points]
-Price elasticity of demand (max 500 words) [20 points]
-Production (max 500 words) [20 points]
-Market structure (max 500 words) [20 points]
-Define what needs to be improved, given your determinations in other areas (max 200 words) [20 points]
-Section B: Limitations

Sample Solution

n Scotland, the government has taken a more direct legislative approach to integration. In 2014 it introduced the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014. The Act places a duty on NHS organisations and local government to delegate health and care functions and budgets to new integrated authorities, with a view to making these new authorities the joint commissioner of health and care. In Wales, the structural division between health and social care has persisted as in England. In 2009, the Welsh government established Health Boards to coordinate health and social care across regions. In other ways, Welsh integration policy has mirrored English. In 2014, they established an Intermediate Care Fund that aimed at integration and focused on delayed hospital discharge. The 2014 Social Services and Wellbeing Act established a legal duty on local government to promote integration, and the Well-being of Future Generations Act in 2015 established Public Service Boards that are required to promote wellbeing across local areas (Heenan and Birrell 2018). Across the four nations, there are persistent barriers to integration. Firstly, the historic structural distinction between health and social care prevents coordination of assessment: as social care, remains means and needs tested and the NHS is a universal, needs-based service. There remain professional conflicts between health and social care staff and there is a persistent difference in status between NHS and social care professionals. The initiatives we have described here have also been criticised for a number of reasons including focusing narrowly on hospital performance measures, lacking significant strategic influence from local government and failing to involve patients and service users. The goal of improving the coordination of care through individual and organisational collaboration is likely to continue, so initiatives to promote integration are likely to persist as features of the social care policy landscape. 5. Conclusion As populations age and demand for social care rises, there are a number of issues which need to be addressed, including the best ways to deliver quality care for those who need it and the best ways to pay for that care. There are also broader challenges about how to invest in preventative and asset-based approaches that minimise people’s needs for formal care, and how to ensure that formal care services support informal family carers to stay in good mental and physical help. Many countries are facing this dilemma and some, such as Germany, have taken bold s

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