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Non-verbal behaviors

Watch the Amy Cuddy video above and then address the following:

Discuss how your non-verbal behaviors tell a story about you (e.g., attitudes, views, emotions, etc.). You might include facial expressions, body language, and symbolic behaviors (e.g., type of clothing you wear, artifacts in your office, car you drive, brands you like, etc.).
Discuss what you would like to change to become more effective in your communication.
Think of an example in which you regularly engage in negative self-talk (permanent, personal, and/or pervasive messages about events/situations). Describe the event, the negative self-talk and what you are going to do to become more optimistic (temporary, behavior-based, specific to a situation).
Respond to at least two of your peers. In your responses, consider providing your own suggestions on how the classmate might change to become more effective in his/her communication based on what the classmate shared in his/her original post.

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Turning now to the question in hand regarding why women have taken it upon themselves to come forward with claims of sexual harassment now, when this isn’t a new phenomenon needs to be analysed in detail to gain clarity on this aspect of the discussion. To underpin this, appropriate to look in detail and analyse in depth a number of recent cases which have had a great deal of media exposure in the last year or so. Harvey Weinstein Harvey Weinstein is a renowned Hollywood film producer, who cofounded the film company Miramax with his brother in 1979 and became one of the principal independent film producer and distributor concentrating solely on the circulation of films produced outside the remit of the major film studio system such as Paramount Films, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Disney etc… The concept was originally deemed unviable originally b the major studios; however the Weinstein’s proved them wrong and had major hits with cult films such Pulp Fiction, The Crying Game, Shakespeare In Love. Perhaps its most successful film, Chicago, grossed over $300 million worldwide – Miramax was a huge success, the Weinstein brothers had firmly established themselves as major players in Hollywood. With this success came vast amounts of money, immense power and the ability to turn unknown actors into international stars. From the outset, Harvey Weinstein was always perceived as a domineering, authoritarian individual – a ruthless business man determined to succeed in an aggressive, fast moving world of entertainment. Ex-employees of the firm Miramax have since li

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