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Nursing Leadership Health Policy

The IOM Future of Nursing report calls for an increase in leadership from nurses at all levels. One way nurses demonstrate their role as leaders is through public policy change. Leaders do not always carry an official title or position but demonstrate leadership through the work and the stance they take to make a change for the good of others. Nurses have been noted by the Gallop poll year after year as the most trusted professionals.

This assignment requires thought about a public policy that is needed (or needs to be changed) that relates to nursing, health care, or the public. Policy changes can occur by working with members of your legislature or state and national nursing associations to introduce a new bill or change a current law in your state or the federal government.

Examples of public policy include any component of the current legislation governing health care, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, nursing regulation, medication technicians, etc.

In 750-1,000 words, propose and provide your support for a public health policy change at either the state or federal level. This change can be regarding a current bill or law, or the policy may not even exist. The policy must not be a clinical care policy for individual care, though the policy involved may include public or community health, legislative or regulatory, professional organization (nursing-oriented), advanced nursing practice, health plan, or hospital plan.

For reference, review public health policies and legislation for an idea of how to word your proposal. You may also visit your state’s legislative governmental affairs website to better understand the process your policy change would take if you wanted to introduce it into legislation.

Include the following in your policy change proposal:

Sample Solution

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