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Choose one of the main topics from the table and then choose one (1) article for review under that main
Read the article chosen and answer one (1) of the topic questions listed below.
• What methods can be used to assess nutritional status?
• What methods can be used to identify those at risk for malnutrition?
• What specific health conditions increase the risk of malnutrition?
• What associations exist between nutritional status and health outcomes?
• What type of interventions improve adherence to recommendations on nutritional intake?
Create a 2-3 page summary which supports the topic question. Provide a current research article (less than 5
years). The 2-3 page limit does not include title and reference pages.
Main Topic: Person-centered feeding care.
Article for review:
• Bell, C., Lopez, R., Mahendra, N., Tamai, A., Davis, J., Amella, E., & Masaki, K. (2016). Person-centered
feeding care: A protocol to re-introduce oral feeding for nursing home patients with tube feeding. Journal of
Nutrition & Health Aging, 20(6), 621-627. doi:10.1007/s12603-016-0699-9.
Main Topic: Evaluating nutritional status.
Articles for review:
• Vereecken, C., Covents, M., Maes, L., & Moyson, T. (2013). Formative evaluation of the feedback component
of children’s and adolescents’ nutrition assessment and advice on the web (CANAA-W) among parents of
school children. Public Health Nutrition, 16(1), 15-26.
• Vyncke, K, Cruz, Fernandez E., Fajó-Pascual, M., Cuenca-García, M., De Keyzer, W., Gonzalez-Gross. M.,
Moreno, L., Beghin, L., Breidenassel, C., Kersting, M., Albers, U., Diethelm, K., Mouratidou, T., Grammatikaki,
E., Vriedt, T., Marcos, A., Bammann, K., Bornhortst, C., Leclercq, C., Manios, Y….Huybrechts, I. (2013).
Validation of the diet quality index for adolescents by comparison with biomarkers, nutrient and food intakes:
the HELENA study. British Journal of Nutrition, 109(11), 2067-78. doi:10.1017/S000711451200414X.

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