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Overcoming Inequalities and Defending Human Rights

While the UN celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2018, the world also saw its 12th consecutive year of decline in global freedom, with 71 countries suffering net declines in political and civil liberties. Progress toward gender equality has stalled overall, while movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp continue to expose the scale and severity of discrimination and violence facing girls and women. In many places, girls and women’s rights are deteriorating and harmful laws deny girls and women justice and dignity. The global pay gap will now take over 200 years to close.


Please visit the The Global Goals website.
Click on “Explore the Targets” and choose one (1) target for Gender Equality.
Write a paragraph (minimum 3-4 sentences) stating:
Why you selected that target.
How can you, as a nurse,help to promote that specific target in your life right now?

Sample Solution

arrangement’s being in place for her to continue living in her placement under the GEM scheme, her foster carers decided this was not an option and Miss X had to move out the night before her 18th birthday. This had a detrimental effect on Miss X’s emotional wellbeing and compounded her feelings of rejection. If there was an inbuilt mechanism within the legislation with clear financial benefit’s outlined this may have change her foster carers’ decision. In Northern Ireland the organisation, Supporting People create policy and funding for homelessness. In relation to Miss X and Y my agency provides short term accommodation and is deemed by Supporting People as having ‘the intention of moving an individual on to independent living’ (ODPM, 2004:3). With both Miss X and Miss Y their housing support needs are assessed and a support plan has been formulated with their input to address these needs. My agency also incorporates Northern Ireland’s ten-year strategy, Our Children and Young People – Our Pledge (2006) which identifies six high level outcomes to be promoted and achieved for all children. Within our agency the six high level outcomes are incorporated into support planning and the review process with the view of promoting independence. As a cross over service working with young people and young adults, we are obliged to comply with Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures and Cooperating to Protect Children and Safeguarding policy and procedures. As a service we have robust safeguarding and vulnerable adult policies with mechanisms for reporting disclosures of abuse and safeguarding concerns. An integral piece of legislation which impacts on my work with all service users is the Human Rights Act 1998. Human Rights must be considered in all decision making processes. The implication of the Human Rights Act (1998) is Public authorities can only interfere with an individual’s rights providing it is lawful, proportionate and necessary in a democratic society (HSC, PSNI & RQIA 2009). In working with both Miss X and Miss Y, I am mindful of Article 8- Right too private and family life and balancing this with a duty to safeguard from harm. As a registered Social Worker it is essential I comply with NISCC Co

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