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Patient Centered Care Systems and Consumer Health Informatics

Access the National Academies website. Find the “Health Literacy: Past, Present, and Future: Workshop
Summary (2015)” report. It is available to read free online.

  1. Provide a one-paragraph summary of the key takeaways from the “Health Literacy: Past, Present, and
    Future: Workshop Summary (2015)” report. (20 points)
  2. “A health disparity/inequality is a particular type of difference in health (or in the most important influences on
    health that could potentially be shaped by policies); it is a difference in which disadvantaged social groups such
    as the poor, racial/ethnic minorities, women, or other groups who have persistently experienced social
    disadvantage or discrimination-systematically experience worse health or greater health risks than more
    advantaged social groups. (“Social advantage” refers to one’s relative position in a social hierarchy determined
    by wealth, power, and/or prestige)”. 1
    Based on your understanding of a patient-centered care system, how should health literacy be taken into
    consideration? How could this impact health disparities/inequalities? How can health informatics tools/systems
    help address health disparities/inequalities? Justify your point of view with two citations from the
    scientific/academic literature. Your response should be up to 4 paragraphs. (40 points)
  3. Propose a case study example of a health informatics tool/system/application that supports patient-centered
    care or improved health literacy. It may be your own idea or one published in the scientific literature. Please
    cite the study if you are presenting someone else’s research idea. The case study should be up to 1 page and
    include a detailed description of the following: (40 points)
    a. Proposal/definition of the problem
    b. Suggested hypothesis
    c. Description of health informatics intervention/program
    d. Methods to test the hypothesis
    e. Results/support of hypothesis testing (if proposing your own idea include what theoretical results you would
    look for)

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