Performance and Play, Separation and Conflict In Zen

Performance and Play, Separation and Conflict In Zen

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PLEASE FALLOW the instruction, i dont like to return it for revision .
Your task is to write a formal analytical essay,
Do not add extra blank lines between the paragraphs.
Always cite your sources, with specific page numbers in the case of published material, whether you summarize or directly quote them. When you do cite a source, make sure you are reflecting the author’s views accurately.

I would like to have a clear writing, logical organization, freedom from spelling and grammatical errors, specific knowledge.
The papers should have a clearly articulated THESIS, and demonstrate your own insight into the issues addressed. More than just showing how your argument will proceed (“I will do X, then Y, then Z”), a good “thesis statement” tells the reader what you will argue (“I will argue that/This paper will show that…”). In a short paper like this, the thesis statement should generally appear in the first or second paragraph. I will also be looking for a clear, well-considered introduction and central argument or question, a logical flow to the supporting paragraphs with effective transitions between them, and a satisfying conclusion.
Do not use long quotes in the papers; your own analysis of the material is the most important part.
The ideas, of course, should be your own, but help with mechanics, generating those ideas, and how best to formulate them is fine.
this is not a research paper, or summary of the articles, this academic essay. Rather, the paper should be viewed as a formal opportunity to critically reflect on the articles.
That said, if your chosen topic would benefit from reading ahead in the course material or consulting additional scholarly sources, please do so.
the conclusion should be summary of the whole paper, with a strong statemnet .

Please the thesis statement should indicate what the paper will argue, such as “this paper will explore….”

this is the articles,,

1- Aitken, Robert. 1986. “Play.” Eastern Buddhist, n.s., 19, no. 1: 118-22
2-Bodiford, William M. 1992. “Zen in the Art of Funerals: Ritual Salvation in Japanese Buddhism.” History of Religions 32, no. 2: 146-64.
3-Sharf, Robert H. 1993. “The Zen of Japanese Nationalism.” History of Religions 33, no. 1: 1-43


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