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Personal Reflection Paper

Personal Reflection Paper

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Personal Reflection Paper

After reading the assigned reading and using the “If I Took the Ezra Experience Seriously” lecture note, you will write a 2–3-page essay, outline, or bulleted list

reflecting upon how you will prepare for the teaching opportunity you have selected for the course project. This reflection must be personal, practical, and pointed

the appropriate components of the “Good Hands” principle and the Pillars of Personal Ministry as presented in the materials.

Finally, conclude by writing on the identification and application of your Life Message. What doctrinal convictions and life experiences shape what you teach? What are

the 3 most important lessons you learned in this exercise of reflecting upon the need for personal preparation in teaching? How will it affect your teaching ministry?

Your completed assignment must be at least 2–3 pages in essay, answer the work sheet questions in outline, or bulleted format and in current Turabian format.

Ezra Experience Worksheet (Answer Questions)
If I took the Ezra Experience seriously,
I would probably stop doing…
I would probably start doing…
I can see that my study time would have to be more…
I can see that my life would have to be more…
My lessons would probably begin to…
My expectations of my students would begin to …
My student would actually begin to…
I would not be satisfied with my teaching unless…

Create a “To Do List” of the least five attitudinal or behavioral changes that you now implement in your Ezra Experience.

A Note on Critical Thinking
In order to engage in critical thinking, a leaner must possess:
1. Knowledge.
2. Wisdom
3. Values
4. Rubric

Activities of critical thinking are the essential components, the teacher uses this personal preparation as a foundation and framework for guiding the learner through

active participation in the process of:

1. Analysis. Consisting of three steps (inspection, interpretation, inference)
2. Argument
3. Assessment
4. Action
Ezra 7:10 find 3 key things he (1) study; (2) observance law and (3) teaching


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