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Photography and Fact

Art changes hands by legal means of purchasing artwork and by illegal means of acquiring through unethical ways during archaeological digs and during times of war. Artwork acquired by these means that are cited in the text include the Moctezuma’s Headdress and other Aztec valuables taken by the Spaniards; the dissemination of Egyptian treasures taken by the ancient Romans, Napoleon, and the British; Greek treasures taken by the British; and Nazis taking works from Jewish collectors during WWII. This controversy has been addressed in recent issues of art magazines. Discuss both sides of the issue. Who are the current owners of the art? Why was the art taken? Was it taken through legal or illegal means? Who should be the rightful owner? Research sites like the Association of Art Museum Directors on the idea of provenance research in determining the rightful owner.

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Although there was a high emphasis on the L2 structures, teachers were not requested to be able to speak it. The lesson plans used for teaching were based mainly on grammar and translating activities. The lessons were teacher-centered, learners were not given the opportunity to speak the target language, having a passive role in the classroom. Sample of Grammar-Translation Lesson Plan (adapted for Romanian): “1. Warm Up/Review 11:00 am. Ask for volunteers to provide the Romanian equivalents of words they should already know (casa, bucatarie, baie, hol, etc). Correct if necessary, but not in terms of pronunciation. 2. New Material 11:05 am. Provide examples using short phrases that contains the words that you are going to teach. Have students read aloud, go through the entire phrase. Then return to the beginning and, calling on students at random, have them translate the sentences into Romanian. New vocabulary (ex. basement, cellar, attic, etc) can be introduced at this time (by translation). Mistakes should be corrected, with special attention paid to today’s topic: parts of the house. For example: May I go to the bathroom please? = Pot sa merg la toaleta, va rog? My sister is in her bedroom = Sora mea este in dormitorul ei. My mom is cooking in the kitchen = Mama gateste in bucatarie. 11:10 am Grammar explanation: Parts of the house. Explain (in Romanian) the use and meaning of each word and point out any discrepancies between English and Romanian usage. Room balcony bathroom bedroom dining room basement cellar Study toilet door doorbell window roof sitting room garage living kitchen staircase/stairs apartment garden chimney attic room

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